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Lunar energies of this August 2022

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The astral and spiritual energies of this August will focus on two main goals: to develop your radiance and power of attraction, especially on the 18th when Venus is in trine with Jupiter, and to (re) activate change and transformation in your life by eliminating what has become useless, especially through the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th, but also due to Mercury’s trine to Uranus on the 16th and the retrograde of the latter from the 24th. All of this will not fail to bring about a certain mental dispersion, especially during Mercury’s opposition to Neptune on the 21st and from the New Moon in Virgo on the 27th. To counteract this, concentration exercises, mindfulness meditation and stones such as onyx and citrine will be good tools.

Week of August 1 to 7, 2022

August 1st is the ancient Celtic festival of Lugnasadh celebrating the harvest and gifts of the Earth. It is a good day to meditate on what we have harvested this year. Take a handful of wheat, separate the grain symbolizing your achievements, sort the straw which symbolizes the things which have become useless. You can throw the latter into the transforming fire and why not keep the grains to sow for the next personal and spiritual harvest. On this same day, Mars in conjunction with Uranus can make us extremely irritable. To avoid this, wear an emerald or, by default, rose quartz or morganite. These stones are in analogy with Venus which will be in sextile to Uranus on the 2nd. On the 4th, Mercury enters Virgo and will favor, until the 26th, our cognitive faculties, our capacity of analysis. March 7 in Taurus will be squared to Saturn and will make us reluctant to change, but we will be able to count on the Venus-Neptune trine to open us, through meditation and compassion, to new spiritual horizons. Green and indigo will help us.

Week of August 8 to 14, 2022

On August 9 Venus will be opposed to Pluto. To avoid being too emotionally shaken, you can wear onyx and an eye of the tiger to deflect aggression. On August 11, Venus enters Leo and will remain there until September 5. During this period, you can enhance your radiance and seductive power by combining green and golden yellow. On the 12th, it will be the Full Moon in Aquarius. This one is called the Herb Moon and will be in conjunction with Saturn and square to Uranus, accentuating for many the rejection of modern materialistic values in favor of a more spiritual and idealistic approach to the world. However, to avoid going to extremes, onyx and obsidian will be your best allies. On the 14th, Mars in trine to Pluto will give you great determination and intense grounding. This will be the ideal moment to get involved in new professional projects or to begin a company.

Week of August 15 to 21, 2022

On August 16, take advantage of Mercury’s trine to Uranus to take an in-depth look at your material and financial situation and let your intuition guide you as to the changes you need to make to open yourself up to abundance. On the 18th, Venus in Leo will enter in trine to Jupiter in Aries which will increase your ability to persuade, convince, but also seduce. You can accompany this movement and even amplify it by wearing blue or turquoise. On March 20 you will enter Gemini for a long journey that will last until March 2023. Here again, your ability to convince through words will be stimulated and can be optimized by wearing Chalcedony, a stone of communication. Finally, on the 21st, Mercury’s opposition to Neptune may cause some confusion in your thoughts and belief systems. To find your way, you will probably need an anchoring stone like onyx, but also an elevating stone like lapis lazuli.

Week of August 22 to 31, 2022 

On the 22nd Mercury will be in trine to Pluto and on the 23rd the Sun will enter Virgo. Under these influences, your thinking will be deeper and more penetrating, more concrete as well. This will be an ideal time to engage in tasks or learning that require concentration. Citrine will help you with this. On the 24th, Uranus will become retrograde and will put you back in front of situations or choices that will force you to abandon places and habits that no longer suit you, but to which you cling tooth and nail. To help you do this, practice letting go, mindfulness meditation, and why not get rid of all those superfluous objects that clutter your home and your mind. On the 27th the New Moon in Virgo will be present through a square with Mars in Gemini, causing some mental dispersion until the next lunation on September 25. To counteract this, work on your concentration by meditating each morning on an object, a phrase, without letting your mind wander and returning to the chosen point. Wearing an amethyst will be eminently useful.

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