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Love with passion due to the Mars/Neptune Trine

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On November 29, 2021, at 3:12 p.m. CET, Mars will enter be in an exact trine with Neptune. These two planets will be rather powerful, because they are positioned in their respective signs of mastership, Scorpio and Pisces.

Take action through heart and passion

Neptune is a planet which is related to the highest ideals, to compassion for others. Through its connection with Mars, it shall encourage us to become aware of our egoistic inclinations and fight against these. We will be more open towards spirituality which, far from being only passive and contemplative, shall nudge us to take action. This could be translated into concrete actions for others or through humanitarian projects for a group of citizens. One shall also note that this trine will also receive the initial influence of a sextile of Venus in Capricorn, which will help us break down the barriers that we often erect between us and others. On a more personal note, this trine will stimulate our romantic imagination, nourishing desires, and fantasies, that will spice up our sex life, which shall allow us to distance ourselves from routine and boredom.

Water signs in the limelight

The natives of Pisces and Scorpio will be the most influenced by this astral configuration. Pisces who shall wait for money inflow, following legal or administrative procedures, which might lead to a pleasant surprise. As for Scorpios, they will benefit from great creative inspiration, that they will mobilize through their work. Artists will be quite fruitful. Love won’t be outdone, and this trine could trigger a great moment of passion following a beautiful encounter. This time will also tend to favor romantic reconciliations. Capricorns will be well advised to listen more attentively to their little inner intuitive voice, it will be a good advisor, in terms of their professional and emotional concerns. It will also be the perfect time for Cancers to start a family.

For a more fraternal world

Globally speaking, this Mars-Neptune trine will put forward a more peaceful procedure, in countries impacted by conflicts such as the Middle East and Afghanistan. In the same way, the social struggles during the month of November, shall favor increasing solidarity with the poorest, against the increase in the cost of living, and this will begin to reap rewards. This will mostly be the case in France where Mars, master of house I based on the of the 5threpublic and natural signifier of combat in house VIII (radical transformations) will be connected to Neptune, second master of house XII (the trials) and of house I, but Venus as well, master of II (finances) in the house XI (projects of the State). We can expect the government to make efforts, in order to lighten the burden on citizens. It should be noted that Neptune also represents petroleum products. Can we expect a drop in the price of gas?

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