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27th September 2021 onward, Mercury will be in retrograde, which means it’ll seem to back up in the sky and not move forward, anymore. This phenomenon can be explained through a difference of speed between the concerned star and Earth, which as soon as it surpasses, gives the optical illusion that this star is regressing. It’ll be direct on the 19th of October 2021. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, but also of communication with others. By backing off, it’ll try to attract our attention on our attitude, our way of expressing ourselves with others, which isn’t always suitable when it comes to maintaining some social harmony. Moreover, this retrogradation may make us confront contradictions, as we’ll come across opinions that are different than ours.

Challenged individualism

During its backward peregrination, Mercury will form several remarkable aspects. Due to which, it’ll be squared with Pluto on the 1st of October and then in conjunction with Mars on the 9th. These two aspects will shake us up a little bit, through our tendency to remain in our bubble, isolated from others, forcing us to make do with opinions, needs and desires of our family entourage, professional life and precisely, within our couple, putting our individualism aside. Of course, this could involve clashes and conflicts, mainly for native cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) who’ll be the most concerned.

Resume the joy of being together

Luckily, the positive configurations will support us, mainly Mercury’s trine with Jupiter in Aquarius on the 4th of October, which will help us enhance our philosophical and political views, showing more tolerance and cultural openness. This will be strengthened around the 17th of October with a beautiful sextile with Venus in Sagittarius, that shall help us take on a more fraternal and generous attitude with our loved ones. We’ll want to spend more time with our likes, our attitude is going to be more gregarious and festive. In your love life, you’re done with routine and habits, one looks for getaways, adventure, and great passion. This configuration will have the habit of awakening other dimensions of our life, giving a positive meaning to our life. This shall mainly affect the following signs: Sagittarius, Libra but also Leo.

Buckle under pressure

In the world, Mercury in retrograde will make any bid for consensus that could help gain some social peace, difficult. In fact, intellectuals won’t agree among one another, on major current news events. Between the 1st and 10th of October, governments will face major oppositions from the population and USA won’t be an exception. Reforms in areas like work legislation and the health emergency will be rather contested. There could even be divisions within the government, jeopardizing its stability. This way, under the influence Jupiter and Venus, around the 17th of October, there could be a pressure relief on citizens, followed by major freedom. This could go hand in hand with some improvement in terms of the buying power, beginning of economic resumption and funds that shall be given to the medical and education realm.

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