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Lilith, the maiden and symbol of female emancipation

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Lilith was the first woman who refused man’s submission. According to the Jewish Kabbalah, Lilith is Adam’s first wife, before Eve. Lilith refused to submit to Adam, claiming that she had been created equal to him. She chose exile and loneliness and was considered as the personification feminine evil. She addresses issues of power, domination and repressed anger. Lilith is independent, untamed and rebellious. She doesn’t want to compromise. She is the eternal teenager, fighting for justice and freedom. She can be shocking, eccentric and unpredictable. But Lilith has great potential for resolution.

Lilith in Astrology:

Lilith, asteroid 1181, was discovered in Paris in 1927 by Benjamin Jekhowsky.

– Harmonious aspects between Lilith’s partners can bring magic to the relationship as Lilith adds passion and intensity.

– Challenging aspects to Lilith can bring obsessive behavior, chaos and even destruction.

Lilith contacts have nothing to do with commitment or stability. They will show if there is respect and equality in the couple.

Lilith in Synastry:

– Learning negotiation and problem solving is one possibility.

– Resolving problems of fear, rejection, abuse, anger is another option.

Lilith has a bad reputation but the contacts she makes with planets and points are most useful.

Lilith in Composite:

With Lilith placed in the 1st or the 7th house, you have a profound link with your partner. There is a lot of sexual energy involved but a lot of compromises to do to satisfy her desires. Unconscious feelings and deep emotions will be triggered in such a relationship and they will test the need for freedom and independence.

Transiting Lilith:

Lilith transits will be felt as painful and challenging. Any contact with Lilith will increase the intensity of the situation. Lilith can be manipulative and demonic, all as a means to be free and get what she wants.

Some interesting facts:

Lilith is strong in the chart of people living away from social conventions.

Lilith is often strong in artists horoscopes.

Lilith encourages experience of unconventional relationships and sexual affairs. She is often considered as a relationship-breaker and is often involved in cases of rape and murder.

There are nevertheless positive sides of Lilith in a chart:

People with a strong Lilith in their chart have a great sense of humor. They are “avant-garde thinkers” and a real source of inspiration, boosting creativity in others.

Lilith is well known for her role as the sexual liberator. And could become the symbol of the actual “Me-too” movement!

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