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Leo sign in the limelight

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Sun entered Leo this 23rd July. It’s rather representative when it comes to the star which it rules, namely Sun. This sign arrives right in the middle of summer, when the Sun shines and warms us up, even burns us at times…! If you want to know more about the astrological sign of Leo, let’s carry on!

Solar people but watch out for scratches

Leo is known for wanting to be the center of attention and his/her impulsive nature. It’s a proud and majestic sign. Appearance is essential to this sign. Leo likes to be seen and acknowledged. Behind this rather arrogant look at times, one comes across great sensitivity and some lack of confidence. Leos take things very seriously and can be overrun by emotions, which can make this person look a little dramatic. We love this person as he/she is sunny, always ready to party and a comforting friend.

In everyday life, Leo is quite complicated to keep up with for Earth signs. Ruled by the Fire element, Leos are hyperactive and restless. In fact, we recommend that they do a sports activity where they can get rid of their anger and negative emotions of the day. Heart is the element which represents them in the medical astrology, they live at full speed.

Born leaders

Leo natives are rebellious at times and don’t like authority, this is the reason why they do their best to get a job with responsibilities and give themselves orders. In fact, they are at ease while delegating.

At work and at home, they are the ones in the driver’s seat, careful and don’t turn into a tyrant! They are naturally comfortable and have a knack at managing groups. They like to please so they may use their charm, so that others do things in their place.

They are also capable of being really creative, they can excel in a sports or artistic activity.

The center of your universe or nothing!

They give their utmost in their emotional life! They are very generous with their partner but also with their loved ones. They defend their loved ones relentlessly in front of an enemy! On the other hand, they expect you to make them the center of your life and compliment them often. They are oppressive at times, due to their possessive nature. You are their prey but never take them for granted!

Rather iconic of their animal totem, they are capable of anything when it comes to protecting their family and do this as a priority.

Leo is a solar sign who’ll warm up your heart if you’re part of their close entourage. However, watch out if they have something against you, because you won’t come out unscathed.

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