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Jupiter in Scorpio

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From October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018

Jupiter, the benevolent planet, brings luck and expansion.  It rules higher learning, travelling, philosophy and religions. Jupiter is optimistic, it likes the great outdoors, sports, competition, animals. It brings enthusiasm and joy when well connected to planets in the Birth chart. But it can push towards excesses and laziness. And bring in extra weight, as well!

In Scorpio, Jupiter will generate power and strong determination. Nothing will be done lightly; emotional intensity will be present during these coming months. Jupiter in Scorpio is assertive and progress orientated but there is a risk of burn out as doing too much will happen frequently. Research, mystery, and dark situations. It’s a good time for introspection and investigations but there is a necessity to slow down and keep everything in perspective to avoid exhaustion, both from a physical and mental point of view. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and is linked to the 9th House. It will become more important if it is positioned there.

According to the position of Jupiter in your Birth chart, you will know which areas of your life it empowers, and the House where it is transiting now will tell you in which area of your life it will operate for you over the next 13 months.

Jupiter will be retrograde

Jupiter will be retrograde from March 9 to July 11, urging us to think little and avoid excess, to calm down and to get organized for a more balanced daily life. It will be a time for assessing the last months, a time for correcting mistakes if we have gone overboard. 

Jupiter transiting the 1st House

In this position, Jupiter brings a broader mind, a genuine interest for different concepts and ideas. It is a beneficial position as optimism and enthusiasm are guaranteed. There is nevertheless a tendency to put on extra weight and a very big risk of gambling!

Jupiter transiting the 2nd House

In this position, Jupiter will encourage material expansion and possess. Risk-taking will be part of the game and the results can be good or terrible. It would be wise to stay away from unsafe investments. It will be important to have a beautiful and comfortable house in order to show your wealth and power!

Jupiter transiting the 3rd House

This position will boost your enthusiasm and communication skills, and your social life will benefit from it. You will find it easier to express yourself and action will follow but beware of a tendency to impose your ideas and ideals. Learning, moving will be on the agenda, with the risk of overdoing it! 

Jupiter transiting the 4th House

Home and family will catch your full attention during this period. There will be a need for settling down and finding a secure place to live. A house extension is a possibility as well, the goal will be to create a better future for the family. Emotions will be more intense at this time!

Jupiter transiting the 5th House

Love, children and passions will be important to you under such a position for Jupiter. It’s a time of action and risk-taking in those areas. Beware of the position of Saturn and its aspects in the Birth chart, as it could block your initiatives and delay your success. Creativity will be enhanced and creators well inspired!

Jupiter transiting the 6th House

Health could be the issue with Jupiter in this house, working too much and eating too much can easily destroy your balance during the following months. Helping others will be encourage as long as it isn’t too demanding and doesn’t cause you to run away from your personal problems!

Jupiter transiting the 7th House

A detached attitude could destroy a relationship if life and love aren’t taken seriously. It can be fantastic having Jupiter in Scorpio in this house, sex life can be improved immensely but it could suffer if expectations are too high. Working together will improve any relationship but competition will work the other way around!

Jupiter transiting the 8th House

With Jupiter in Scorpio in this house, you can expect improvement on the financial front and you will be likely to come into some money through your partner or following a lawsuit. Sexual intensity could work out against you if your partner isn’t responsive or in the same mood. You could become obsessed by death!

Jupiter transiting the 9th House

The benevolent planet feels at ease in this position as it rules the sign of Sagittarius and this very house. It’s time to grow up, to travel and to encounter other cultures, beliefs and religions. There will be a strong urge to go to faraway places and to increase one’s knowledge. Learning a foreign language or teaching might be on the agenda!

Jupiter transiting the 10th House

This could be the perfect timing for achieving professional ambitions as there will be opportunities coming your way in the workplace. Long-term partnerships will be preferred on the professional front. Jupiter will highlight your flair and bring opportunities to move your career forward your way. But being overly confident could lead to failure!

Jupiter transiting the 11th House

Jupiter placed in this house is a sign of an active social life with meetings, workshops, conferences and friends’ gatherings to attend. Your mind will become sharper too as Jupiter drops its bag in the sign of Scorpio. You’re impressively enthusiastic and a natural-born leader. Your creative skills and humanitarian values will be enhanced!

Jupiter transiting the 12th House

This is not a positive position for people working for themselves, in a calm and peaceful environment. Be very careful not to turn into a hermit if that’s your case. This is a favorable position for people who work in the medical, social or psychiatric field. It would be wise not to overthink things or completely ignore your social life!

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