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Jupiter in Sagittarius

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A few dates to remember:

Jupiter will finish his transit in Scorpio November 7th to enter his own sign, Sagittarius on the 8th. It will leave on December 2rd, 2019. A New Moon in Scorpio on the very same day will encourage new beginnings after necessary closures. Jupiter will conjunct the Sun November 25th, Mercury December 21st and Venus January 21st. Jupiter will Retrograde in his sign from April 11th to August 12th.

What can we expect from this transit?

Jupiter in Sagittarius, his own sign, is surely good omen. It is a period of enthusiasm and expansion. It is synonym of joy, cheerfulness and new projects. Traveling, exposure to new and different cultures, traditions and religions will be favored. It is not a time to play it solo, sharing will be more rewarding. Big ideas, big experiments, big goals will be on the rise, and the faith will be renewed, eventually. It’s the perfect time for learning, teaching and expanding our horizons, and looking at the “big picture’. It is a timely moment to make our dreams come true, to focus on what we enjoy and what makes us feel happy and more alive. It means it’s time to grow and to be more aware and tolerant. Spiritual awakening is a possible outcome of this Jupiter transit in Sagittarius.

But beware, there are some pitfalls!

Jupiter can easily lead to excess and exaggeration, it would be wise to keep grounded and realistic in your expectations and realizations. Watch out, don’t be so over-confident. A risk-taking attitude could cause problems, later. Watch out for immoderate behavior and arrogance. Watch out for self-rightness and easy self-gratification. The journey is more exciting than the destination, when Jupiter occupies the Sagittarius, don’t get carried away or infatuated. To make the most of this transit, we must be in touch with our inner child and must grab any opportunity for fun and laughter.

If Jupiter in Sagittarius is transiting your

House 1: time to shine, weight gain possible,

House 2: development and investment favored,

House 3: meaningful communication, trips,

House 4: house extension, family and guest house,

House 5: optimism and creativity,

House 6: efficiency and productivity,

House 7: meaningful partnership, sharing,

House 8: empowering transformations,

House 9: traveling and learning, sport,

House 10: establishing, long term plans,

House 11: eclectic friendships, inspiration,

House 12: resolving past issues, closing time.

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