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Jupiter enters Taurus and opens a new horizon

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On May 16, 2023 at 7:21 pm, Paris time, Jupiter will enter Taurus where it will remain until May 25, 2024, a little more than a year.

Return of prosperity and optimism

Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck and prosperity, in a sign related to the material and financial world like Taurus, is rather auspicious. Under this influence, a period will open up where our business will be favored, at least for all signs in affinity with Taurus. We can then hope for an increase in our income, in our assets. Jupiter is also an epicurean planet, its action mixed with the sensuality of the second sign of the zodiac will incite us to want to take advantage of all the pleasures of life, whether those of the table or those of the flesh. Similarly, this star will give us a positive and peaceful state of mind, we will reconnect with nature and seek a deep connection with it.

Signs on the front line

Earth signs , and especially Taureans, will be the most favored by this Jupiter transit. They will enter a period of great prosperity with perhaps a big trip in prospect. The same could be true for Virgos, with the prospect of moving to another region or even another country. The efforts and sacrifices made by Capricorns who wish to create a business or who are artists will finally be rewarded. They will reap the rewards. Their love life will go through a happy phase and the period will be favorable for the conception of a child. On another note, Pisceans will increase their contacts and travel to facilitate their professional advancement. Cancerians will also see their professional projects succeed. On the other hand, this could be a tumultuous time for Scorpios, especially in their love life, which could experience unexpected twists of passion. Leo’s, on the other hand, will have a hard time managing their emotions which, under the effect of Jupiter, will be exacerbated as much in generosity as in anger and jealousy. Finally, Aquarians will have a hard time staying at home and will be haunted by a burning desire for freedom and independence, which will make them abandon all ties.

Social earthquake and economic recovery

From a world astrology point of view, this entry of Jupiter into Taurus could well herald a global return to economic prosperity. The international banking situation in particular could find a solution and the general material condition of the people could improve. However, one caveat must be formulated: Jupiter will enter in square to Pluto on May 18, 2023, this planet being the planet of revolutions and deep upheavals. It is not impossible that around this date there will be popular uprisings and a total questioning of the system. Fortunately, on May 19, the sextile to Saturn in Pisces will allow a rethinking of this system in favor of a return to the essentials and to mutual solidarity in these times of crisis.

The other important event will be the conjunction to Uranus on April 21, 2024, which could also bring sudden upheavals, a sudden reversal of world finance and the stock market. As far as France is concerned, Jupiter’s transit will occur in the 2nd house, the house of finance in the 5th Republic’s chart. On June 3, it will enter in opposition with the position of Jupiter of this house, ruler of the 9th house in Scorpio in the 8th house, which could correspond for the government to an opposition with the world of education, the army or the judiciary, or even be challenged by a constitutional procedure.

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