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How to recognize astrological signs on the beach

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You are on vacation, sitting on a sunny terrace, lounging around on your deckchair at the swimming pool or beach. You begin to look at the holidaymakers around and would love to guess their astrological sign, depending on their attitude? Let us give you some hints so that you hit the jackpot!

Fire signs: They can’t sit still

They overflow with energy; they are the ones who’ll catch your attention at once on the beach.

Aries is going to love indulging in the bare chest race or running throughout the day. Sitting idle is not their deal.

Leo love being showcased. One notices this sign rather quickly with the many selfie images. This person would love to spend an evening at the beach.

Sagittarius is your towel neighbor, who’ll ask you for advise on the activities around town. This person may even suggest doing these activities together.

Earth signs: Peace before anything else

The calm and solitary ones on the beach, far from the crowd.

Taurus will have the biggest towel on the beach. Comfort before anything else! This person loves pastries!

Virgo is super organized, so this sign thinks of everything. He/she has the icebox with ready-made sandwiches. Then we will see this person putting factor-50 sunscreen, no questions about getting sunburnt.

Capricorn will be withdrawn in a corner, with no risk of getting sand all over, due to kids running around on the beach. This person will still think about work and will be busy answering mails.

Air signs: Fun holidays

Those who come talk to you will be open.

Gemini needs to be boosted and does not stay motionless. This person will come along with a stack of the latest books to read. Gemini needs to be stimulated, through reading or encounters.

Our friend Libra will laze around on the beach, looking at the beautiful sun reflecting on the water. He/she will be wearing a stylish bathing suit, always trendy even during holidays!

Aquarius has major principles, he/she is part of an association to clean up the beaches. A good way for this sign to meet new people.

Water signs: A moment to revitalize

They are at ease usually!

Cancer is going to be like a duck to a water! Passionate about spending days on the beach with the family, he/she will be surrounded by children having fun at the sand box.

Scorpio will come to you, with a mysterious look behind his/her dark glasses to ask you for your phone number. Warmth triggers sensual desires.

Pisces will be equipped with a mask and a snorkel to gaze at the depths of the sea. An opportunity to spend some time in a bubble.

Now you have all the tools at your disposal to have fun and discover the astrological signs, spending their holidays on the beach.

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