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How to overcome the obstacles triggered by a Saturn in retrograde?

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From June 4, 2022, Saturn will be in retrograde, which means, that it will seem to move backwards in the sky and no longer forward. This is due to the difference in speed between the star concerned and the Earth, which then overtakes it, giving the optical illusion that this star is moving backwards. It will become direct again on October 23, 2022.

Looking back at yourself

Saturn is a planet that encourages us to reflect and look back on ourselves and, in its traditional sign of control, Aquarius will invite us, through its retrograde, to look back on ourselves, to reflect on our representations of the world and our value system. It may also lead us to reconsider certain friendships or certain groups to which we belong. Several distinct periods will take shape during this retrograde.

June-July new ideas, new friends

During the period from mid-June to mid-July, Saturn will form a trine to the Sun (June 16) and Venus (July 13) both in Gemini. These two stars will favor discussions and meetings with people who, through their original ideas, will open us to new intellectual and philosophical perspectives. We will make new friends. The sextile with Mars in Aries on June 27 will give us renewed energy and, above all, the strength to fight for our ideas so that they become reality. The only shadow in the picture will be the Venus-Saturn square on June 18, which may cause some mental resistance to change, but this will pass quickly, except for those born in fixed signs such as Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, for whom this will be more difficult, attached as they may be to their landmarks and certainties. Gemini, on the other hand, will experience a true period of spiritual enlightenment.

Relative resumption of discussions

On a global level, these different astral configurations could bring a resumption of discussions and negotiations between warring nations. We are thinking of Russia, a country under the sign of Aquarius, and the United States, supporting Ukraine, and placed under the sign of Gemini. This could also correspond to a relative recovery in international trade despite a background of recession. There will also be a lot of debate about ideas.

Letting go… or not

The second and more tense period of Saturn’s retrograde will take place in August. It’ll be squared to Mars in Taurus on August 7. During this period, we will tend to strengthen our attachment to our material possessions, to money, but also to our roots, our identities. It may be difficult for us to deal with the social changes that are taking place around us and some of us may react aggressively. This will especially be the case for Taureans, Leos and Scorpios who will fight tooth and nail to remain in the Status Quo. Aquarians will be on the other side of the spectrum, finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the prevailing conservatism. On August 27, Venus in Leo will oppose Saturn. Depending on who you are, this configuration could lead you to completely let go of your love for others and break all taboos to live intensely and satisfy your desires. This could sometimes lead to some infidelities. This could be particularly the case for Leos and Aquarians. Others, on the contrary, could be prey to an all-consuming jealousy that could turn into suspicion and possessiveness in the face of the emancipation of the loved one, of his or her legitimate need for freedom, which will be a source of stormy arguments. Taurus and Scorpio will be the most concerned by this situation. Finally, this opposition may also give rise to ego struggles between colleagues or in the circle of friends as well as dilemmas difficult to resolve between love and friendship.

Rising prices and reduced purchasing power

At the global level, Mars in Taurus may represent a significant increase in inflation and a sharp rise in food and agricultural prices due to the consequences of the economic sanctions against Russia represented by Saturn in Aquarius, which could lead to a significant reduction in the purchasing power of the population, who may have to reconsider their spending, especially on leisure activities and vacations. Unpopular government measures could also be taken. These could be badly perceived by the people who will demonstrate in every possible way their aspiration for freedom and joy of living, opposing the growing control of the system through artificial intelligence and electronic money. This will be especially felt during the opposition to Saturn from Venus in Leo, around August 27. It will be a fiery time of the year.

Back to constructive dialogue

Fortunately, the astral climate will calm down from September 28 and the trine of Mars in Gemini. On October 12, 14, and 23, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra will be in trine to the ringed planet. Mars will give us the desire to learn new things, to live new experiences and to meet new people. This star will stimulate our social life and we will feel a strong need to communicate, to exchange, to debate, but always in harmony and respect for the other. In the sentimental field, we will be more inclined to discuss, to listen to the other, his motivations and arguments and thus repair what may have been damaged. It will also be a good time for new love encounters, especially for Leo, Libra and Gemini.

From a world astrology perspective, it will also be a time for appeasement. It will be a time for firm but diplomatic talks to find a lasting solution to international conflicts. Similarly, everything will be done to maintain a certain economic balance and keep prices at an acceptable level. Mars, on the other hand, could revive the dynamics of world trade and resume some growth.

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