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How he/she confesses his/her feelings according to his/her Astro sign

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When love rhymes with astrology, it feels like good news. It’s not always easy to know if you have a crush on someone so our astrologer has taken a special look at the stars for you (#smallveinard).

So, here’s how your crush tells you how it feels according to his/her Astro sign: 

Aries: A with spontaneity. He/she is not the kind of person to go in circles.  He/she goes straight to the point. If you ask him/her THE question, this person will answer you in a straightforward way.

Taurus: Through many kind attentions, if he/she drops the mask by telling you some very funny jokes, then it’s in the bag! 

Gemini: This person likes playing the poet. If one morning you find a post-it notes on your windshield with a few verses scribbled in Indian ink, then love is within reach! 

Cancer: This person likes being careful. If one day there is something in your mailbox, you may find a package filled with unlikely objects, a done deal! 

Leo: This person likes to dazzle you. If this person uses up his/her entire check book during a date, well the show must go on! 

Virgo: This person gives you a crash test in General Knowledge. If one day you feel like you’re taking SATS again, then you’ve got a good chance! 

Libra: This person likes complimenting you as a person. He/she is easy to talk to, if she gets touchy-feely, then you can call yourself lucky! 

Scorpio: There is complexity. « Good luck »! You’ll have to deal with the subliminal messages he/she will try to send you.

Sagittarius: This person takes you on a new adventure. If he/she suggests a unique date, then you can consider that he loves you! 

Capricorn: By going into romantic mode! If you end up with him in a romantic place and launch THE playlist of R’n’B from the years 2000, then he/she really likes you. 

Aquarius: This person is bold and reveals the Peter Pan side. If he/she takes you to Disney and you end up in the Mad Hatter’s cups, then it’s because this person adores you!  

Pisces: This person shares his/her “flaky” nature. If he/she reveals his passion for Russian rock from the years 80, bingo!

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