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Hourly astrology: the significators

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For an hourly chart to be interpretable, the significators must be related. However, in order to obtain an answer to a question, it is absolutely necessary to define which are its significators.

In the first instance, the consultant (the one who asks the astrologer the question) or the astrologer himself/herself if the question concerns him/her, will be represented by the 1st house or its ruler, i.e. the planet that governs the sign where the 1st house is located, Mercury for example, if the 1st house is in Gemini. When another person: spouse, partner, opponent intervenes in the question, he or she is usually represented by the 7th house or its ruler. However, for a more accurate interpretation, it is sometimes necessary to go further in the search for significators by finding the house most appropriate to the question and then observing its ruling planet.

Ex: for a question about an employer, we will look at the X house and if it is in Taurus, then Venus is the significator.

As a reminder, here are the attributions of the 12 astrological houses:

House I : The consultant, his physical constitution, his personality traits in relation to the question

House II: The consultant’s property, finances, possessions, speaking skills.

House III : The brothers and sisters of the consultant, his colleagues, small movements, moves, means of communication.

House IV : The mother of the consultant, his family in the broadest sense, his home, his real estate.

House V : The children of the consultant, his creations (artistic, literary, business), games of chance, exams, contests, but also sentimental relationships and festive life.

House VI: Illnesses, work, pets, hygiene, subordinates.

House VII: Spouse, partners, unions and marriages, contracts, lawsuits, opponent, thief.

8th house: Death, sexuality, transformations and crises, legacies, donations and inheritances.

House IX: The law, religion, great travels or journeys, higher studies, the teacher or trainer, the foreigner.

X house: The father, the freely chosen profession, the boss, the career, the social elevation.

House XI: Projects and ideals, friends and allies, lawyers.

House XII: Trials, debts, illnesses and hospitalizations, imprisonment, hidden enemies, gifts that one makes, services that one renders.

These 12 houses cover most of the spectrum of human activities and will allow us to find most of the significators of a given question. However, it may sometimes be necessary to dig even deeper, especially when we need to bring into play the activities of another person (the brother’s children, for example). We can use the derived houses which will be presented in the next article.

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