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Horizontal Astrology VI: the meaning of the planets

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In the previous article, we presented the system of derived houses that allow us to greatly refine the interpretation of a time theme. These houses are in a way the settings in which the actions we are trying to know take place. But for there to be action, there must be actors. These actors are represented by the planets. Here are the main meanings they can have in hourly astrology. Note that in this field, only the 7 traditional planets will be taken into account, which means that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will not be included. This is due to the fact that these planets were not yet known at the time when the rules of interpretation of hourly astrology were established.

SUN: It represents the father, the husband, but also the boss, the head of state, the celebrities. It can represent a young adult (25 to 35 years old), a person with a tanned complexion, with imposing or absent hair. It is related to gold, precious metals, high professions, the eastern direction, the color yellow or red, hot countries or cities, churches or sacred places and in the house, the living room. In the body, Sun represents the heart, blood, and the eyes.

MOON: It represents the mother or the wife, sometimes the sister, the first lady of a country. It can be a young girl or a man with a pronounced femininity. It corresponds to the age of early childhood (from birth to 7 years). It can represent a person with a pale complexion, with round shapes or even with a strong body. It concerns professions related to the mouth (restaurants) or in connection with real estate, the early childhood, image (photography, cinema) or the artistic creation. It is also related to the northwest direction, white or silver, mysterious places or near water and in the house, the bathroom, laundry room and vegetable garden. In the body, the Moon represents the chest, breasts, and all liquids (water, blood, plasma, lymph, saliva).

MERCURY: Represents the brother, friend or associate but also subordinates. It can be a young man, teenager (7 to 15 years old) of a person with a slim and slender figure, with a lively and curious eye, looking younger than his age. It is related to the professions of communication, writing, but also to commerce and accounting. Mercury is related to the northern direction, the color orange or anything multicolored, places of knowledge (schools, libraries), businesses, gyms and in the home, the office, library and hallways. In the body, Mercury represents the nervous system, the lungs, the intestines.

VENUS: Represents the spouse, the wife, the lover, but also the sister, an artist. It can generally be a young girl (15 to 24 years old), a charming person with a clear complexion, silky hair, elegant forms, sometimes rounded. She is related to professions related to beauty, aesthetics, luxury, artistic creation or even cooking or gastronomy. It is related to the southeast direction, the color green, artistic places (art galleries, concert halls) or pleasure places as well as any elegant and rural place. In the house, Venus is related to the bedroom and the garden. In the body, it is in analogy with the throat, the cheeks, the kidneys, and everything that represents femininity.

MARS: Represents the husband, the fiancé, the lover, but also the rival, the opponent. It can be an adult between 34 and 45 years old, a person with dark hair, rather muscular or giving an impression of strength, with a particularly pronounced hair system. Mars is related to iron and professions related to industry, the police or the army or even risky jobs, surgery. It is related to the southern direction, the color red, places close to fire such as factories, foundries, noisy or dangerous places. In the house, Mars is related to the kitchen or the boiler, and in the body with the muscles, the sexual or execrative organs, the nose, the forehead.

JUPITER: Represents the offspring, the uncle, but also the elder brother, the spiritual guide, the teacher, the adoptive father, the protector, the notables. It can be a mature man (45-57 years old), an epicurean person, often with a prominent belly or, on the contrary, with an athletic look, a person with an imposing voice. Jupiter is related to tin, the color light blue and professions related to teaching, religion, spirituality or esotericism, import-export, travel, the army. It is related to the northeast direction, religious or sumptuous buildings, universities, courts and, in the house, with the living room or lounge. In the body, Jupiter represents the liver, the thigh, the fat.

SATURN: The husband when he is older, the grandfather, the authoritarian father, the boss. It can be an old person (over 60 years old), a tall person, rather thin, sometimes with defective teeth or a physical infirmity. Saturn is related to the color black, lead and professions related to administration, the high civil service. Occupations related to real estate, the past (archaeology, history) or death (funeral parlors, gravediggers). It is also related to the western direction, secluded, abandoned places, cemeteries or administrative buildings, high places such as mountains, towers, skyscrapers and, in the house, the attic, the storeroom, the garbage. In the body, Saturn is in analogy with the skeleton, knees, teeth, nails, and hair.

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