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Horary Astrology: How astrology tells us about other people

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When our questioning involves another person, it is possible to use the system of derived houses whose principle is the following:

Let’s imagine that we want information about our spouse’s mother, we will take as a starting point the 7th house, the spouse’s house, which becomes his 1st house, the 8th house will then become his 2nd house, the 9th his 3rd and the 10th his 4th which will then become the house of the spouse’s mother.

Here are the main possible combinations:

House I: Maternal grandfather (10 of IV) travel, children’s studies (9 of V) great-grandchildren (5 of IX) friends, brothers’ projects (11 of III) brothers, friends’ letters (3 of XI) mother’s profession (10 of IV)

House II: Illnesses, trials of brothers and sisters (12 of III) friends, mother’s projects (11 of IV) career, social situation of children (10 of V) travels related to work or health (9 of VI) death, inheritance, sexuality of spouse (8 of VII) procedures related to an inheritance (7 of VIII) mother, friends’ house (4 of XI)

House III: Enemies, illnesses and trials of the mother (12 of IV) friends, projects of the children (11 of V) travel, studies, religion of the spouse (9 of VII) children of friends (5 of XI) place of residence of enemies (4 of XII)

House IV: Money transfers (3 of II) brothers’ money (2 of III) children’s hardships, illnesses (12 of V) great grandmother, spouse’s career (10 of VII) cousins (5 ofXII)

House V : Source of fortune of a family, place where money is found (4 of II) travels, writings of brothers (3 of III) family goods, patrimony (2 of IV) friends of the spouse, his fidelity (11 of VII) death of the father (8 of X) marriage, spouse, lawsuit of friends (7 of XI) returns from travel (3 of III)

House VI: Gambling (5 of II), burial, residence of brothers (4 of III) maternal aunts and uncles (3 of IV) children’s money (2 of V) enemies or hardships of spouse (12 of VII) business trips (9 of X)

House VII: Financial crises (6 of II), nephews and nieces (5 of III) maternal grandmother (4 of IV) relationships between children, their writings or small movements (3 of 5) paternal grandfather (10 of X) travels, religion, friends’ studies (9 of XI) love letters (3 of V)

House VIII: Children’s residence (4 of V) spouse’s money (2 of VII) problems arising from travel (12 of IX) friends, father’s goals (11 of X) profession, career of friends (10 of X)

House IX: Bankruptcy (8 of 2) Spouses of siblings, lawsuits between brothers or neighbors (7 of III) Grandchildren (5 of V) In-laws (3 of VII) Money from an inheritance (2 of VIII) Friends of friends (11 of XI)

X House: Inheritance, death of siblings (8 from III), health, children’s work (6 from V) trials of friends (12 from XI) small pets (5 from VI)

House XI: Travels, studies or religion of brothers and sisters (9 of III) death of mother (8 of IV) son-in-law or daughter-in-law, children’s trials (7 of V) diseases of animals (6 of VI) children of spouse, his pleasures, his love feelings (5 of VII)

House XII: Social situation of siblings (10 from III) Illness of spouse or partner (6 from VII) Paternal aunts and uncles (3 from X) Money from friends (2 from XI) Long distance moves (9 from IV)

This list is far from being exhaustive, but the purpose is to show the reader the possible mental gymnastics, in order to properly identify the possible house concerning the problem which concerns us, to obtain the most precise answer possible!

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