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Get ready to endure the violence of the Mars-Uranus opposition

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On the 17th of November 2021 at 7:24 am CET, Mars will be opposed to Uranus. The influence of this aspect will be felt until 21st November.

Emotional outbursts

We are in the presence of two stars, known for their explosiveness and even their violence. Mars is in full force in Scorpio, it was the only ruler until Pluto came along. Uranus on the contrary is hindered in its expression, in the peaceful sign of Taurus. The opposition of these two planets will act like a dynamite stick, deep down in our psyche. Scorpio is a Water sign, there is a possibility that things will take place mentally and emotionally, especially since Moon who is the natural significant of emotions, shall be in conjunction with Uranus and in opposition with Mars, a few hours later.

Thus, under this influence, it will be tough for us to maintain rational control over our emotionality. Feelings of rage, anger could emerge suddenly and cause us to lose self-control. According to the natural propensities of each one, this could result in a disproportionate verbal aggressiveness or even destructive outbursts. Some might also be tempted to compensate for a certain inner frustration with compulsive shopping, that could later trigger issues later on.

Fixed signs in turmoil once again

Taurus and Scorpios will be particularly concerned by this opposition, and these could make an impact on their couple, who shall go through crisis which will be filled with arguments and stormy exchanges. Aquarius and Leo could bang the door shut on their company on an impulse or indulge in a clash with their employer. Either way, it would be wiser to get some fresh air, breathe, and welcome some harmony, before saying things that one might regret afterwards. Other water signs like Cancer and Pisces, a sign which is more tempered and will be less impacted by this astral influence. It will be the same for Earth signs such as Virgo, more cerebral, or Capricorn, who are not very inclined to emotionality.

Tensions all-round

Around the globe, this opposition could lead to a resumption of armed conflicts in certain parts of the world, which will destabilize the world financial markets as a result. Taurus, where Uranus will be found and shall be the sign of Turkey, it is not impossible that there is at best an incident, at worst an attack or an explosion. In France, Mars, master of house I of the 5th republic will be in house VIII, the one of radical transformations, rebellions and Uranus in house II, the one of finances. Therefore, we can expect strong popular movements around this date, due to the increasing cost of living, lack of purchasing power or against new taxes.

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