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Get ready for love with the July Full Moon!

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Humor combined with love

An easy horoscope on the way. On July 24, 2021, the Full Moon will form at 2:37 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time at 1°25 in Aquarius. She hardlyleft her conjunction with Pluto with her trail of emotions, and now makes her way towards Saturn, just to refresh the atmosphere, and explains this with her cutting humor. This Full Moon will be surprising, because, against all odds, it will mainly focus on love.

It’ll be dawn tomorrow

Easy psychics explains it all to you. Aquarius is a fixed sign, who is consistent with ideas, with all due respect to the Air element, that sometimes has a knack at changing minds as often as possible. Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, before Uranus takes the spot, and is endowed with Capricorn’s dark humorbut also has a knack at adding his own offbeat humor. Suffice to say that under a full Moon in Aquarius,facing Sun in Leo, the sign of arts and pleasures, one will mainlywant to talk about creativity, love, sunbathing interspersed with a few ball games outdoors, to get in shapeand tanned, to stock up on natural vitamins. Its semi-sextile in Jupiter will confirm the urge to make the most of life and for some, it’ll be a good epicurean. No questionsabout complicating things, especially with Mercury in Cancer who will fly solo, not forming any aspect with the other planets. Perhaps a desire to tell each other lovely stories in the moonlight with friends or lovers.

Take care of yourself

Psychics.com is here for you to help you understand how to take care of yourself. The most significant aspect of this Full Moon in Aquarius will be its quincunxwith Venus in Virgo. To put it otherwise, lovers will want to be serious, with an intense desire for stability, and all those only seeking for waves of immediate pleasure, will come across many sources of frustrations in the coming days. Conversely, ifone were to yearn for a long-term relationship with mutual authenticity, there will be magic in the air. All one will need to do is believe very strongly in one’s luck, love yourself, take care of your soul, body, and heart for a desire to actually come true.

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