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Full Taurus Moon on October 24, 2018

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The Moon in Taurus is considered “exalted”, moves at a slower pace. Need for nature, comfort and sensuality. The Taurus Full Moon October 24, is about sudden change and uncertainty, as it conjuncts Uranus at 1o Taurus. Taurus, a Fixed sign, relates to security and good living. Uranus brings chaos but innovation. Anger, frustration lead to strong and unpredictable reactions. Decisions will be made about protecting personal comforts, whilst surrendering a form of security. Moon opposes Retrograde Venus, unfulfilled expectations and frustration brewing. The goal may be pursued in reaction to what someone else wants.  The Moon and Venus will work hand in hand in teaching how to let go. Venus opposes Uranus, finances and relationships will be tested. Tension and separations seem inevitable. Saturn in Capricorn will bring some support and security in this time of trouble and change. It will help finding practical solutions to problems. Saturn trine Moon, emotional stability and common-sense answers. Saturn sextile Venus, need for safe and long-term commitment and investment. It is time to move out of the old patterns with this Taurus Full Moon. But it must be done with consideration and respect.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon at 1o Taurus is

“An electrical storm”

There is a disturbance in the atmosphere that stir things up.

It is a release of a stagnant situation.

“A broken bottle and a spilled perfume”

Too much perfume isn’t pleasant. Disrupting situation brings sudden awakening. And release!

If the Taurus Full Moon happens in your

  • House 1: you feel more confident and you want to be seen. You are looking for deep intimacy and bonding.
  • House 2: It is time to free yourself from co-dependent financial problems. Put your energy towards your talents and resources.
  • House 3: Social life and network increasing. News friends and good communication. Interesting contacts.
  • House 4: It is time to settle down where you feel at home. Property investment, renovation is possible. Family and past still present.
  • House 5: It is time to invest in what makes you feel good, alive and content. Get in touch with your “inner child”.
  • House 6: Don’t get stuck with your daily routine if it doesn’t suit you anymore. Is your work still in synch with your values?
  • House 7: The focus is on partnerships and anything can happen now. It might be a time of separation and endings. Followed by a rebirth!
  • House 8: It is the perfect timing for acting on your convictions and beliefs. For walking away from toxic people or situations.
  • House 9: It is time to go for your dreams, to realize your goals and fulfill your life purpose. Travel will expand your horizon and skills.
  • House 10: It is time for recognition and fame, your hard work is paying off, now. Public life is enhanced and satisfactory.
  • House 11: It is a good time for meeting and catching up with friends. Be spontaneous and let your eccentricity and weirdness shine!
  • House 12: It is time to slow down your pace and calm your mind. Increased sensibility and intuition. Wait for the tide to come in!

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