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Full Moon of February 16: liberation!

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On February 16, 2022 at 5:58 pm Paris time, the Full Moon will form at 28° in the sign of Leo. With it, we can expect volume to increase, emotions to rise tenfold and an irresistible urge to put oneself forward. Still imbued with the restrictive imprint of her opposition to Saturn, it will be bursting with energy, eager to break free.

Adjustments to be made

Certainly, impetuous by nature, this Full Moon, but in a fixed sign, will have the will to build projects on solid foundations. There is no question getting carried away by an idea if it seems unreliable. It is under these conditions that anger could burst forth. And when a lion roars, it is not always for pleasure.

Its quincunx with Pluto, the main aspect of this lunation, will bear witness to this. There will be a tendency to feel hindered by lack of support, cooperation or to feel like a character in a scenario that you have not necessarily chosen. In the aftermath, it will form a quincunx with Mercury and will take her steps in the sign of Virgo. More composed, it will bring a little reason to conflicts that are sometimes under high tension.

Its other aspect is its square to the North Node in Taurus. It is difficult to have a clear vision of the future and to know what decision to make in a context lacking security or certainty. You will have to adjust your way of thinking, of communicating, of projecting yourself and not remain idle, wondering what the next day will bring. And to keep in mind that a Full Moon in Leo is meant to be generous and luminous to enlighten everyone’s path.

Reliability in love

Mercury has just entered Aquarius. In an Air sign, the planet of communication will herald a willingness to socialize and find ways to bond, to connect with one another. You will see things in a more open and thoughtful way. It will help with career plans, the best way to get things off the ground. Be careful, however, not to make hasty decisions, causing more stress than benefit.

This Full Moon in the Leo natal chart will offer a Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. It will provide intense feelings. Lovers will be conciliatory, as long as they are reassured of the fidelity of the one they love. The projects for two elaborated during this period will blossom in spring. Affections will be deliberate and long lasting, with a deep commitment.

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