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Full Moon of December 19: from words to deeds

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On December 19, 2021 at 4:38 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, the Full Moon will set its vibrations at 27°30 in Gemini. Named the Cold Moon, it will precede the winter solstice on December 21, 2021. If Gemini is a nerd, he is also tactile and needs to shake hands and hug those he meets. The difficulty will lie between wanting and being able.

An unexpected setback

This Full Moon will be festive, ready to give her all to have fun, sometimes with excesses under her trine to Jupiter singing at the top of her lungs: « I will do what I please and those who prevent me from going in circles will just have to fall asleep under their quilt ». She will be talkative, friendly, ready to jump on the first train to join her friends, to travel miles to spend some good time with her family, but she may have to review her pretensions, under her square to Neptune that will blur communication.

His ruler Mercury, in Capricorn, approaching Uranus in trine will make him understand the importance of bringing about change by taking a clear and firm position, so that projects do not remain in the sphere of ideas to materialize concretely.

Whatever happens, we move forward

To tread water is not Gemini’s cup of tea, to go backwards, let’s not talk about it, backward steps give him hives, except when it is a question of analyzing point by point, the reasons of his failures. But with him, you don’t have to spend hours on end, as patience is not one of his main qualities.

Its most striking aspect will be its trine to Jupiter, bringing a space for breathing and reflection, favorable to a new impetus to find the way back to the spaces of freedom, aiming at peace, to stick together, to be enthusiastic for a better world. This is one of the least emotionally intense Full Moons, which will allow us to consider change, mutations in a rational way and inevitably much more efficient, since it is thought out, reflected and anticipated.

An unprecedented solidarity

And if you love yourself, it won’t matter tomorrow. This will be more or less true with a Full Moon in Gemini, thinking mainly about feeling good in the present moment. Venus in conjunction with Pluto will change the game by proposing moments of intense passion, just asking to be renewed and to make love vows forever. The atmosphere will suddenly become lighter and considerably warmer under the comforter or in front of a nice winter fire. As Saturn will not be concerned with the rituals of the past, Venus will take his place, not shying away from dethroning the power of this grumpy one, donning the costume of Santa Claus, bringing to everyone sweets to comfort hearts, especially the lonely ones.

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