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Full Moon of April 2022: Everything changes!

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On April 16, 2022 at 6:58 pm, the Full Moon will spread its rays at 26°48 in Libra. In this Air sign, ruled by Venus, it evokes a period of balancing. This Lunation will be squared by Pluto and trine Saturn, auguring a fluctuating dynamic oscillating between a need for stability and a need to kick-start a new life.

An array of activities

This Full Moon is under a Pisces dominant, with four planets, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune. Venus in this sign is a dreamer. Her romantic side will fit well with Libra, but she will lack personal boundaries and reinforce the indecisive side of this sign. The Moon will form two quincunxes with Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction since April 12. It will generate a feeling of optimism, the belief that everything will be possible. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be wary of announcements, great promises or distorted interpretations, out of the context of reality. There will be power struggles, but also awareness of shadowy areas under his square to Pluto. This is not a very serene aspect and concerns could come to the surface. His other major aspect is his trine to Saturn, bringing common sense, enlightened advice, support for his undertakings. Building on his experiences, all the chances will be there to lead to success. There is no question of repeating the patterns of the past, but everything will be done to ensure the sustainability of projects.

Everything changes for the better

Other aspects of this lunar sky will counterbalance the Plutonian and Neptunian effects with their overflow of emotions and exaggerations. Dialogue will be the cornerstone of relationships. Mercury in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus will organize a concrete communication plan and strengthen connections. Openings will emerge, provided that you do not stick to your guns or try to be right at all costs. Venus in sextile to Mercury will offer the opportunity to create harmony through peaceful exchanges. Negotiations will become easier. Its sextile to Uranus will bring pleasant surprises, moments of love full of sweetness for the hearts.

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