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Full Moon in November: Releasing feelings

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At 8:59 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, the Full Moon of November 19, 2021, will place its energies at 27 ° 15 in Taurus. There will be intense energies since it will be a partial lunar eclipse.

Get away from the world of illusions

This Full Moon will require positioning or repositioning and shall confirm this intention through its trine with Pluto, which will highlight the fact that one shouldn’t remain at the surface of things or events anymore but be lucid while taking decisions that will be imposed, inevitably.

New forms of action

Full Moon in Taurus occurs when Sun is in Scorpio. Sun in Scorpio is complex while the Moon in Taurus is naturally simple. This creates a counterweight, but also a duality, a tug of war between the will to battle and find ways of making life easier. The first wants comfort and security through peace and quiet, the second too, but not at any cost. Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus. In terms of appeasement and serenity, there is a long way to go, given the aspect. There is a strong desire for action, but one could cut the ground from under, preventing one from moving forward, as one would like to. It will also be advisable to remain wary of unrealistic plans. A great need for freedom to express one’s individuality will shake up plans but also decisions that were taken in the past.

Taurus is the first sign of the zodiac who’ll be determined to achieve great feat. Its trine with Pluto will encourage making changes, sorting through closets literally and figuratively speaking, and speeding up a process of ending a frustrating and restrictive situation.

A pleasure detox

Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, is in Capricorn and positioned through the trine of Uranus. New decisions and changes may seem difficult, but this configuration, under the auspices of this Full Moon, shall herald a favorable period to defend one’s values, develop wealth, take care of one’s well-being, set sail one’s love life. By freeing yourself from appearances, relationships will become more genuine, feelings of love will be expressed more easily through touches and whispers. Lovers will have a blast due to the sextile with Mars, which will favor intimate ties.

During this Full Moon in Taurus, Mercury and Neptune will be in trine. Rather than further imploding already polarized conflicts, this aspect will facilitate a statement that balances various viewpoints, in order to get past the trigger points in the minefield, that will intensify conflict, if this were to be the case. Through intense listening and careful consideration, ideas will emerge on how to resolve conflicts and facilitate allied cooperation or support, if need be.

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