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Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse 2018/01/31

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The influence of the Full Moon in Leo on January 31, will be quite powerful as it is a Total Lunar Eclipse. This means tremendous change; the old patterns will be destroyed making room for new ones. It is a potent period of transformation but this needs to take place without any selfishness. With an open heart and generosity. Some could experience self-pity and others could feel lonely. A necessary “kick in the bum” to change things and evolve for the better. It is time to grow, to take full responsibility for who we are and for what we want to achieve. This is the time to connect with our lost “inner child”, to feel lighter and more playful. It is important to turn to what makes our heart sings, what we always wanted to realize.

Creativity and passion are enhanced by this position, let’s express ourselves and be more creative. Children may play a big part in the scenario; their needs must be seriously be taken into consideration. Romance could be on the agenda as well, love at first sight is possible. Don’t think about tomorrow, enjoy the present!

The Moon isn’t alone!

The Moon is conjoined with the Leo North Node and Ceres as well. It is the perfect opportunity for grieving and forgiving, for walking away from situations that don’t fit us anymore. The more present we are, the best it is if we want to soften our heart and relieve our pain. The Leo North Node encourages more free expression. It boosts us to try again even if we have failed before. It urges us to live as we please, to love who we chose, to express our ideals and dreams, more freely.

It is time to feel good about ourselves, to avoid comparisons and feel unique and worthy. We have to open our hearts, acknowledge and accept the love which is offered to us. We can be more enthusiastic and joyful if we feel in sync with others and everything else. This Total Eclipse and Leo Full Moon can launch a fantastic period of positive transformations if we are strong enough to follow our heart’s intentions. It will surely open unprecedented doors and it will guide us towards more harmony and balance, not to mention a more fulfilling life!

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