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Full Moon in Aquarius

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Renewed hope 

On August 3rd, 2020 at 5:59pm, the Full Moon will position at 11°48 in Aquarius month. It’s going to encourage everyone to ask the right questions, about forging meaning to personal freedom and how to find one’s place in a society, which is on the move. In this Air sign, it’ll offer a hopeful note, to see the future through a different angle, not lose faith and maintain one’s zest for life. 

Pragmatic change 

While summer will be in full swing with Sun positioned in Leo, there won’t be any questions about basking in the Sun with your feet up. With the rules laid down in Aquarius, emotions will be governed by the feeling of security and stability. It’ll be tough to get away from this mental state, especially since Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all three of them in retrograde, will be in its shadow. Before any other consideration, realities need to be taken into account, to plan coherently, to avoid pitfalls of a misplaced utopia, without falling into excessive pessimism and optimism. If daily life becomes too restrictive, its square with Uranus will trigger the desire to send everything packing, with the obvious risk of getting stuck. Any change whatsoever will require preparation, it’ll encourage to ask the right questions in a pragmatic manner, while being open to novelty. Sun forms a square with Uranus too, you’ll need to take care of yourself, without indulging in extreme individualism, under the pretext of thinking about oneself first. 

Wealth of ideas 

This full Moon in Aquarius monthly horoscope will lead ideas and concepts. It’ll be tough to move on from the mental level to the specific plan, with a vision on short, medium, and long term. In short, you’ll need to activate your sense of anticipation for today and the future but also roll out your talents, even if these are still lying formant. Its sextil with Mars shall favor initiatives, decision-making and the ability to find solutions, in a hurry. It’ll also give courage and combativity, to get out of complicated situations. This full Moon’s vibrations will be tough to incorporate, as they’ll be contradictory in the energies they convey. It’ll want to be free with a few reactionary tendencies but won’t be able to put up with too much independence, if the need for security hasn’t been satisfied, not to mention self-fulfillment.

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