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Full Moon in Aries awakens our inner fire

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On September 29, 2023, at 11:58 a.m. Paris time, the Full Moon will form at 5°58 in Aries. Having just separated from its conjunction to Neptune, it will want to free itself from a certain torpor, and intends to move from dream to reality by kick-starting projects. Will she succeed? A little isolated, receiving no support from her zodiacal buddies and with Mars in Libra cultivating indecision, nothing is certain.

Controlling energy

Particularly reactive, this Full Moon in Aries may not set the world on fire, but could bring its share of annoyances through epidermal reactions, with a certain nervousness in the background, ready to explode in anger or discontent. Two minor aspects will underpin his bad mood. Its sesqui-square to Venus, generating emotional, material and professional frustrations, and the lack of recognition being absent, it will be a source of disagreements with exaggerated reactions, both planets being in Fire signs. Its semi-square to Uranus will shake up habits and preconceived ideas, and will also act as a provocateur and agitator, demonstrating its desire to be right. The desire to free oneself from shackles will be real and sincere, but lacking in consistency, so that it could go off in all directions. This Full Moon in the Aries/Balance axis will raise the question of whether to act individually or rely on collective action and partnership.

A deal to be struck

While Mars, ruler of the Lunation, with its sextile to Venus, will offer lovers moments of tenderness and passion, and solos the opportunity to find the perfect match, without having to take on the role of Cinderella, the warrior planet won’t be as peaceful as it seems. Its quincunx to Uranus will force it to step out of the comfort zone in which it has tended to bask since its arrival in Libra. Venus in Leo will be sure to remind him of the importance of comfort in everyday life under its square to Uranus, and that it won’t be possible to live on love and fresh water. Financial matters could also be on the list of dissatisfactions. Its semi-sextile to Mercury will have the good idea of advocating moderation and dialogue to avoid the latent aggressiveness of the Full Moon in Aries. The good news will come from the Mercury/Uranus trine, which will use common sense and patience to restore a little calm to these sometimes overexcited energies. He’ll suggest that you settle down calmly, have a convivial chat around a table, but without ostentation, as this is not the time to show off luxurious products, and he’ll come up with clever, concrete ideas to bring your future projects to fruition.

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