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They are grouped in Constellations and are found in the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It would take too long to mention the more than 700 Fixed Stars that exist, but we will talk about the more famous ones and their meanings.

Their influence is stronger and more direct than the Planets’. They could bring fame and fortune overnight, but accidents and death cannot be ruled out either. They give strength to the planets, their magnitude and their position in relation to the ecliptic will decide how much power they get.

Ptolemy was the first one to document their positions. Vivian Robson in 1923 wrote “Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology”. John Frawley and Bernadette Brady are today the leading specialists on this very topic.

 Below is a list of some of them

Aldebaran 9o55 Gemini: integrity, eloquence, honors but heavy responsibilities
Rigel 16o58 Gemini: artistic and technical skills, sense of humor
Betelgeuse 28o53 Gemini: fame, good fortune, but danger and violence
Sirius 14o13 Cancer: pride, ambition, fame and wealth
Regulus 0o01 Virgo: very fortunate, power but accidents and sudden downfall
Spica 23o58 Libra: fame, honor
Arcturus 24o22 Libra: popularity, inspiration, good for travels
Antares 9o54 Sagittarius: adventurous, stubborn, violent
Vega 15o27 Capricorn: artistic talent, generosity, luck in politics
Scheat 29o30 Pisces: unfortunate, murder, suicide

Let’s explore Spica (24o Libra)

Spica is located in the Virgo constellation, it marks the Ear of Wheat, held in her left hand. It is called the “Lonely one” because of its distance from her nearest neighbors. It is a binary star and one of the brightest stars in the sky whose purpose is to bring light to help us achieve our goals.

It brings success, notoriety, and highlights a love for science and arts. It carries an androgynous part and spiritual qualities. Its aim is to help one achieves one’s goals without losing one’s values and ethics. It can be highly psychic when in conjunction with the Moon and Neptune, in the Birth chart. It is in a conjunction with Arcturus, another fortunate star. Their combined energies will focus on helping you find the courage to stand for what we believe.

The Sun, Mercury and the New Moon on October 19th were transiting in Spica, bringing good fortune.
Its conjunction to the Sun on October 18th, might have caused your popularity levels to soar… It’s time to reap the fruit of your hard work!
Its conjunction to Mercury on October 14th shows that investments were good and your situation was able to improve. It indicates that your work was clever, neat and well done. Favors from people in a position of power are possible.
It will be in a conjunction with Venus on November 2nd, musical and drawing skills will be enhanced and successful. You will receive help from friends.

Spica in a conjunction with AC or MC brings good fortune
Spica in a conjunction with the Moon, gains and honor. Inventiveness
Spica in a conjunction with Mars, good judgment, popularity but rigidity, violence
Spica in a conjunction with Jupiter, wealth, social success
Spica in a conjunction with Saturn, good health, occult interests
Spica in a conjunction with Uranus, gains through partner, medium
Spica in a conjunction with Neptune, well off, extravagant
Spica in a conjunction with Pluto could bring intense ups and downs.

Special November 2017 sky watch activity

November 2: Venus in a conjunction with Spica 24o Libra, those 2 very bright stars will be close to our sky and easy to spot.
November 4, 5, 12 and 17: Meteor Shower
November 5: Moon close to Aldebaran
November 13: Venus in a conjunction with Jupiter 7o Scorpio
November 29: Mars in a conjunction with Spica

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