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Fall Equinox: A processing cycle on the way

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The fall equinox shall take place this year, on the 22nd of September 2021, at 9:22 pm CET and its astrological study will help us understand the great astral trends, which shall take shape during the three coming months.

Inner and outer upheavals

The ascendent of this equinox theme takes place in Taurus, a sign of stability and consistency, related to the Earth, nature but also the traditional values like family, being faithful in love. However, it is in opposition with its natural ruler, Venus is in Scorpio and in conjunction with the explosive, Uranus. This is why between the 23rd and the 25th of September, we may come across genuine soul searching in terms of our certainties and habits in life. This may be felt in the emotional and romantic sector, where it’ll seem like things aren’t like how they used to be. Fights, even break-ups could take place around this date. Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpios, Leos, and Aquarius) will be the most shaken up. In terms of global astrology, this configuration could disturb the economic balance and mainly the monetary balance worldwide, leading to tensions between different nations (Israel with its neighbors?) and within states. For example, in France, the constitutionality of some measures may be debated fiercely by empowered institutions. Legal actions could be in sight as well.

A world of questioning

Let’s examine the midheaven of this equinox theme, which shows us in a way how the stars are going to take action actively and visibly, around the world. The latter is positioned in Capricorn, A sign of order and organization. It is in conjunction with Pluto, planet of destruction towards regeneration. It is also in square with Moon in Aries, which represents emotions in the rough but also people, crowd.

Also squared with Mercury in Libra. Individually speaking, these influences could intensify our sensitive nature at the cost of a detached emotional analysis, which doesn’t allow us to take decisions with a cool mind. On the contrary, we seem to be part of some sort of indecision, whether this concerns our choices in daily life, professional or romantic life. Moreover, we’ll have a hard time exploring the real aspect in a rational and well-thought manner. Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Cancer) will pay the cost of this. Collectively speaking, the government will be questioned quite a bit, by the population who is determined to fight, and by parliamentary challenges, which may force the latter to review its work, in terms of health and job policies.

A fiery month of November

Anything that precedes will be mainly visible between the 22nd of October (Mars’s square with Pluto) and 2nd November (Mercury’s square with Pluto). Followed by a series of opposition with Uranus (New Moon and then Sun on 4/11, Mercury on 13/11 and Mars on 17/11), Mercury and Mars’s square with Saturn on 10/11 and the ones of the Sun (15/11) and Mars (8/12) with Jupiter, which will make this November rather intense, personally, and socially speaking and right until beginning December. Saturn represents power, institutions and Jupiter represents laws, both of them located in Aquarius. It is expected that pressure from the youth but also the world of entertainment and catering may make the government review its positions and lighten its measures, which may seem repressive and seem to create precarity.

Neptune, the planet of hope

After having analyzed this, it’s important to remain optimistic with the future. The latter is triggered by Neptune in Pisces, in a harmonious aspect with the ascendent but also with the midheaven of this equinox theme. Neptune will encourage us to show more empathy and compassion to others and make us surpass a vision, which is strictly materialistic of the world and trigger spirituality within us. Neptune shall also take action globally, so that the governments themselves realize that they aren’t the almighty and they need to take into account the financial and moral well-being of their people, if they want to last. This shall appear in a more blatant manner between the 12th and 29th November. A period during which Sun, Mercury and Mars will form a trine with Neptune, working to transform the society and making it more humane and solidary.

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