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Each sign and its profession, discover yours!

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Discover if your profession corresponds to the energies of your sign. In addition to your personality, your astrological sign determines what you need, in order to feel fulfilled in your professional life.

No thank you, office!

Some can’t stand sitting behind a computer, this is the case for natives of the Aries sign. They want thrills and the power to surpass their limits. Therefore, they are known to be well-accomplished as high level athletes. They are gutsy enough, to begin their own company.

Gemini needs to be mentally stimulated; they are very good orators. They can enjoy themselves in the event management sector. They can multi-task, they can do several activities and even change vocations many times.

Scorpio natives love challenges and forging relationships. The fireman profession could suit them, as they like to help and risk their lives, just for the daily adrenaline rush. They are great at finding the truth, as a psychologist or criminologist.

Sagittarius has a thirst to discover the world therefore they need an activity which will make them travel. To do so, a profession in relation with tourism, international affairs, or a professor in different countries, could really suit them.

The people behind the scenes!

Very nostalgic and attached to family roots, one can easily find Cancers managing a flea market or taking over the company of their parents. Their empathy and sense of responsibilities are assets, which allow them to be in harmony with professions, related to health.

Virgos have an innate helpful nature and perfectionism makes them great in activities, which are related to helping people. They are very good advisors, and they are also perfect as nutritionists and psychiatrists.

Even though they have a hard time with working codes and strict company methods, Aquarius have well-rooted values. Therefore, one often finds them in an association or in professions related to humanitarian causes.

Generally perceived as sensitive and creative, Pisces have an artistic mind but also try to highlight others. Alternative medicine could be sectors where they might feel really fulfilled.

Work means health!

The model employee, Taurus is someone you can always count on. His professional life is the core of his priorities. This person’s goal is to have an activity which favors a certain economic security and where he feels good. This sign is at ease in sectors related to finances, catering industry and fashion.

A quintessential CEO, Leo likes to shine and be the center of attention. This person has a natural authority which makes this sign quickly rise through the ranks. They dazzle when they work in the entertainment business, as they can give free rein to their creativity.

Libra needs the relational aspect, tasks related to mediation are perfect, for those who can manage diplomacy like nobody else. This person has a knack at negotiating and wants everyone to get a fair treatment. This sign could feel fulfilled through an artistic career.

Capricorn is extremely rational and meticulous and has strong ambitions which allows this person to access senior positions, quite easily. This sign is a good mentor in areas like management and manual trades, like an engineer or a surgeon.

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