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Don’t miss out on this 1st Full Moon of the year!

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On Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 1:50 a.m. Paris time, the Full Moon will be in Cancer at 27°51. Its main aspect is its opposition to Pluto, presaging a stirring of emotions and a fierce will to get rid of disruptive patterns, even if it means using the big guns.

A turn to take

Cancer is a cardinal sign and as such, it has the ability to launch and inaugurate actions and events. This Full Moon will still be in trine to Neptune, but as it moves away from it considerably, it will no longer be a time for daydreams, which are certainly comforting, but also a source of complacency. It will be like a desire to pamper oneself in the warmth, waiting for brighter days. Her opposition to Pluto will stir her mind, and she will no longer be able to be a spectator of her fate. With the help of the dwarf planet, she could, like a volcano in eruption, manifest her uneasiness in a sudden and brutal way.

Its other significant aspect is its quincunx to Mars positioned in Sagittarius. This aspect will bring tensions, but also exacerbated fears about vitality and security. Irritability, reckless action, it will be a matter of calming the game and not of going to war.

Between two shores

While the Saturn/Uranus square will begin to relax, offering a more positive outlook, the Mercury/Uranus square will take over, expressing its discontent. These two planets in retrograde mode will have the good idea to open the debate instead of starting hostilities. Mercury in Aquarius will be in favor of sociable communication, while Uranus in Taurus will put the brakes on, preferring the direct method and that we no longer talk about the subjects that make people angry. Saturn will pretend to be uninterested in the subject while Jupiter in Pisces will lack motivation for power relations.

A benevolent help

The Venus/Saturn semi-sextile will herald a favorable period to mature your sentimental relationship. This aspect will remind you that love is the cement of life, that everyone needs it for his personal balance. It will invite you to strengthen your ties with your loved ones, not to close yourself off from others, but on the contrary, to find support from those around you. Neptune will applaud with both hands this project, which usually falls under his responsibility. Jupiter will agree, but beware of his double-edged sword, for sometimes we will not know if he will not take back with one hand what he has given with the other.

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