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December 2017: Main Astrological Events

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December starts with the Moon in Taurus, an Earth sign, which means that good food, comfort and security will be necessary. A beautiful and cozy home will be much appreciated as Venus is the ruler of the sign. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to add decorations and artistic items to your surroundings.
Money matters should run well but with the Sun in Capricorn from December 21, you can expect not to be able to spend as much as you would have liked on Christmas gifts. Practicality will be preferred over glamourous and costly items.
Traditions and family gatherings will bring support and a feeling of belonging.

The Planets in the sky

Venus is in Sagittarius on 12/01/2017

Venus leaves the secretive Scorpio for the adventurous Sagittarius on the very first day of December. Love matters and financial deals will be encouraged and easier to finalize. Sagittarius is a passionate sign, an optimistic one, it needs action and freedom to achieve its ambitions.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius from 12/03/2017 to 12/23/2017

It often brings delays and complications but it’s time to think differently. It’s a time for preparation.

Mars is in Libra, in Scorpio on 12/09/2017

Mars in Scorpio might encourage manipulation, secret wars, and power struggles. Radical actions are possible with this position. Everything will be done under cover, suspicion and trickery will be used without any doubt. Beware of what you say, it could be used against you later!

Jupiter is in Scorpio: from 12/10/2017 to 11/08/2018

A perfect time for introspection and understanding. A time for commitment but beware of excesses.

Saturn is in Capricorn on 12/20/2017

Saturn feels good and safe in this sign. It might slow down the general pace of your life or block situations for a better result. Saturn doesn’t like to take risks. Everything will be checked, analyzed and corrected beforehand. Stability and guaranteed results are expected. Saturn is taciturn but efficient and consistent!

Sun is in Capricorn on 12/21/2017

The Sun leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn, things will slow down just before Christmas and it will surely be appreciated by all. Traditions and family will take over, which will make it perfect for celebrating with parents and children. No last-minute plans, everything has to be organized in advance!

Venus is in Capricorn on 12/25/2017

In this Earth sign, Venus won’t shine or dream, it needs security and certitudes. It won’t show off either, feelings will be expressed with discretion, may be too much so for some. But love will be sincere and strong. You can expect solid investments and good financial returns during this period!

Uranus Retrograde in Aries: from 08/03/2017 to 01/02/2018

Prudence, you might react erratically and without warnings. Don’t jump to conclusions too fast!

Neptune is in Pisces: from 02/03/2012 to 03/30/2025

Neptune will boost your imagination, intuition and compassionate nature. Beware of dreaminess and delusions.

Pluto is in Capricorn: from 11/27/2008 to 01/21/2024

Pluto is going to flip your world upside down. The planet of the underground will transform your life.

Main Aspects in December 2017

Mars opposition Uranus 12/01/2017: Don’t rush, don’t take risks, don’t be provocative.
Jupiter trine Neptune 12/03/2017: Good luck for dreams, ideals and wishes.
Sun square Neptune 12/03/2017: Difficult to act upon wishes. Patience required.
Mercury conjunct Saturn 12/06/2017: Serious thinking and communication. Good deals.
Mercury sextile Mars 12/06/2017: Good thinking and well planned and executed actions.
Mars sextile Saturn 12/06/2017: Serious actions. Slow but steady success.
Mercury trine Uranus 2/10/2017: Innovation and skills work well together.
Venus square Neptune 12/10/2017: Difficulties in relationships, end of a dream.
Sun conjunct Mercury 12/13/2017: Perfect balance between thinking and action.
Mercury conjunct Venus 12/15/2017: It’s a good time for lovers. Easy communication.
Sun trine Uranus 12/16/2017: Good for innovation and risk-taking. Go ahead!
Venus trine Uranus 12/20/2017: Exciting news for love and money matters.
Sun conjunct Saturn 12/21/2017: Seriousness and pessimist thoughts. Smile!
Venus conjunct Saturn 12/25/2017: Failure in romance. Or deep commitment!
Mars trine Neptune 12/28/2017: It’s time to fight for your desires and wishes.


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