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Dating | Top 9 Signs: This is not the time!

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Unbelievable, you are finally together after this long period of chatting on this latest fashionable dating site. You matched right away and you feel this attraction. You laugh together, you talk a lot and you listen to each other. Your story is off to a good start. However, you feel that there is an uneasiness, even several if you think about it.

Top: 1the age…

Yes, you have an age difference, not that big, but still. While one of you is making plans for a family, the other is not ready at all. And even less ready to have children! You have your whole life ahead of you and lots of things to discover, but together!

Top:2 work!

You are not a careerist and the less overtime you do, the better off you are. But right now, your potential partner is only thinking about his professional success and will do anything to achieve it, especially overtime! So what about your relationship?

Top:3 sports!

You can’t live without your passion: sports or rather sports, cycling, running, swimming, hiking. Everything is good for you to get away and spend some time. Yes, but you have such a high level that you are not interested in practicing with a beginner. And meanwhile, you are bored at home and exasperated.

Top : 4you live far away…

You don’t live in the same city and there are many miles between you. What should you do? Who goes to join the other? Well, the other one obviously, because you cannot leave your place of life, unthinkable: it is clear! This is not the time.

Top: 5you are not a band-aid!

It has not been very long since your pearl is on the market and for good reason, his breakup is very recent. How do you know where your place in his heart really is? Are you the beginning of a real story or just a way to forget the ex? Maybe it’s too early!

Top: 6country or city?

You are more of a country house type, while your future partner is more of a city apartment type. This is a real problem. You absolutely cannot see yourself living in pollution, noise and the world. No, you can’t give up your peace and quiet, the fresh air and the tranquility: you’re not ready.

Top:7 friends and his mother!

Having your friends over every Saturday night, having your mom over every Sunday and the times she decides to drop by… While you’re TV tray in front of a good movie on Saturday and sleepover on Sunday. It sucks: it’s a time of compromise, lots of compromise…

Top: 8the hygiene of life!

You are a party animal and it is true that you have some bad habits. A little too much alcohol with your friends and smoking (ouch! a real problem). You are a bon vivant and your other one is a vegan. You’ve thought about quitting parties and smoking, but not just yet, soon!

Top: 9No bad times!

Eventually, you realize that you are simply not meant to go further together. You like each other a lot, but that’s not enough. Yes, in love there are never bad times, just bad people.

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