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Cosmic Shock of May 9: Revelations on the Impact of the Sun-Uranus Conjunction

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On May 9, 2023 at 9:58 pm Paris time, there will be a conjunction of the Sun to Uranus in the sign of Taurus. The effects of this conjunction can be felt until the 12th. The conjunctions to the planets slow like Uranus are always important in their effects. We will see in what way.

Assert yourself at all costs

Uranus, in Taurus since 2019, is not at ease here. This planet, which represents the values of change, of progress, is hindered in the slow and conformist sign of Taurus. The Sun, on the other hand, represents our will, our vitality and our desire to assert ourselves. By this conjunction, we will want, need, to assert our individuality, our originality to the whole world even if it means shocking our environment, our loved ones, and confronting them. This could manifest itself in our workplace where we will demand more freedom and independence, as well as in our love relationships which will have to be anything but stifling and exclusive. We may also be tempted to see things a little too big and spend a lot more than we should.

The most concerned signs

The fixed signs will have a front row seat to this conjunction, especially those born in Taurus and Scorpio. For the former, this event could correspond to a great upheaval at work, innovations that will somewhat upset their bearings, making them particularly irritable. Scorpios could see their emotional and marital life shaken by an earthquake of passion, perhaps following an unexpected encounter. Leo’s should avoid signing any contracts on this day, as formalities, major disagreements and even scams could arise. Aquarians should also avoid signing contracts, especially if they are about to sign a contract for the sale or purchase of real estate. The wisest thing to do would be to postpone the signing of the contract and take some time to think about it.

Turmoil for the powers that be

In terms of world astrology, since this conjunction occurs in the sign of Taurus and is related to the world of finance and banking, it is quite possible that the powers that be at the world level, represented here by the Sun, will find themselves in difficulty due to the unprecedented economic and financial crisis that the world is currently experiencing, represented here by Uranus. The latter is also in analogy with the forces of protest and revolution coming from the people. We can therefore assume that this conjunction, following the Full Moon of the 5th which was in the same direction, will generate strong social movements. This will be particularly the case for France, as this astral event will occur in the 2nd house (finances, economy) of the 5th Republic’s chart, knowing that the Sun, representing the Head of State, is also ruler of the 6th house (the world of work, health, civil service). Uranus, for its part, is ruler of the 12th house (the trials of a country, the enemies of the State)

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