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Composite Chart in Astrology

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The composite chart is a chart of the Relationship formed by two people. It uses mid-points between each person’s planets and points. It is a chart by itself and will be interpreted as a Natal chart. Relationship dynamics are seen in the composite chart.

When you look at a Composite, look at the Ascendant and the house position of the Sun. This will tell why the relationship exists and what will keep it together. The purpose of the Composite is to tell you about how the two people function together, what their relationship means to them and how the chemistry works.

The Composite shows the forces that brought people together and the forces that are pulling them apart. The most important aspects in a Composite Chart are the conjunctions and oppositions (orb 3°).

How does it work?

Any aspect to the composite Sun is important, its House, its Element will give strong clues about the dynamics at work. It will tell the purpose of the Relationship. The best positions for the composite Sun are the 2nd, 5th, 7th or 11th house.

The composite Ascendant indicates the beginning of the relationship. It will express itself in certain characteristic ways to the world outside. Flowing aspects to it suggest ease. 

The composite Moon shows the emotional responses and needs of the relationship.

The composite Mercury will describe its mode of communication.

The composite Venus will talk about its set of values and ideals about love and money.

The composite Mars will tell the way it expresses its energy and will.

The position of composite Saturn and its aspects determine the energy that can keep a relationship together for long. It shows its limitations and its defenses. 

Aspects to composite Chiron will have a special meaning that will talk about the healing process gained through the relationship.

Check any exact or close conjunction or opposition to natal personal planets or points of each partner. There is a lot to learn about how the relationship makes each person feel if there is synastry is created between the composite and the natal charts. The angles, Ascendant, IC, Descendant and MC of the composite chart will tell how people see the relationship. 

Look for planets in the 7th house and the Ruler of this house.

The Ruling planet will focus the expression of the relationship in a certain house or realm of life. Composites have their own laws, these have nothing to do with whether they are a good match or not! 

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