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Christmas: how to celebrate according to your sign

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Christmas is fast approaching, and with it its procession of gifts and family celebrations. For Christians, this celebration commemorates the birth of Jesus in a manger. However, nowhere in the scriptures is the date of December 25th mentioned for the birth of Christ, and it is only from the 2nd century that the Church fixed the nativity on this date in order to facilitate the conversion of pagan peoples to Christianity, the latter already having the habit of celebrating this date. According to some etymologists, Christmas comes from two Gallic words Noio Hel which mean « new sun ». Indeed, if we observe the sky every evening at the same time from December 21st, during the longest night of the year, it will seem to us that the Sun has stopped in its course which leads it each day a little more towards the South. Then, from December 25, we will see it resume its path towards the north. It is then that the days gradually begin to lengthen. This phenomenon is called the Winter Solstice (stop of the sun). It is easy to understand the importance of this moment for the ancient peoples who lived mainly from agriculture and who could legitimately wonder, each year, if the sun and summer would return or if the world would remain in darkness and cold. Among the Celts, we find the festival of Alban Arthan where the Maponos or young sun, was released from the tower where he was locked. For the Germans and Scandinavians it was Yule while the Mithraists celebrated there the birth of Mithra, born in a cave and of a virgin (hold it!). Aurelian, the Roman emperor, will also fix the date of December 25 the festival of Sol Invictus, the unconquered sun.

And Santa Claus?

What about Santa Claus? If he was first designed by a famous American soda company in the 19th century, he was largely inspired by the figure of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) imported to the United States by the Dutch, who was himself inspired by Odin, the king of the Scandinavian gods who also brought gifts to children on that date. Some also see it as a survival of the holly king who, for the Celts, ruled the dark season while the oak king ruled the light season.

What about you? How do you usually celebrate Christmas according to your sign?

ARIES: For you, Christmas must be a lively celebration, laughter and dancing are out of the question to sit at the table all evening. You are often the first of the guests to arrive and want to open the gifts.

TAUREAU: For you, who love the art of the table, Christmas is undoubtedly the most important celebration of the year and always the occasion for a great feast concocted with the same good taste as the decorations and the background music, which have the same importance. You love nothing more than to see the satisfied faces of your guests.

GEMINI: For you, Christmas is the ideal occasion to start long discussions on multiple subjects with your friends, your family. The most manual among you also like to create your own Christmas decorations that will be admired by all. As a born actor, you will be the perfect person to dress up as Santa Claus and make the children happy.

CANCER: Christmas is a sacred time for you, a time when all of your beloved family is together in a warm and welcoming home. You love the holidays as they were celebrated in the past and often feel a deep sense of nostalgia. You love Christmas so much that you often find it difficult to take down the decorations once the season is over.

LION: Your sunny and generous nature often leads you to spare no expense in giving the most beautiful gifts to those you love, but beware of those who don’t thank you in due form. In the same way, it is important for you to spoil your children at Christmas. You love big parties where you can shine, dressed in your most lavish outfits and adorned with your finest jewelry.

VIRGO: Your perfectionism and attention to detail means that you start Christmas preparations and gifts very early so that you are not caught off guard when the time comes. If you are invited, you will gladly offer to help set up or clear away. On the other hand, the meal can sometimes be a source of anxiety, because it is rarely compatible with your dietary discipline.

BALANCE: Everything in balance and delicacy! For you, a successful Christmas party is made of harmony, as much in the choice of the colors of the decoration, as in the choice of the flavors, the dresses. You can’t stand bad taste and vulgarity. Similarly, you prefer soft music and polite and measured discussions to noisy atmospheres.

SCORPION: What you like most of all is to celebrate Christmas in intimacy, in a secluded place, or in your den, with few people, but that you will have selected on the shutter. You are particularly fond of a subdued atmosphere, preferably with the light of red candles. Scorpio women will make it a point of honor to be the sexiest of the evening.

SAGITTARIUS: You are a born epicurean. So, you have only one watchword when the Christmas season comes around: enjoy the pleasures of life and have fun, which does not prevent you from being sensitive to the spirituality of the moment. Fond of travelling, you are among those who prefer to spend the holidays in the sun, on the other side of the planet.

CAPRICORN: You’re not the most likely sign to let loose and party. That said, for you traditions are sacred. Therefore, it is your duty to celebrate Christmas and pass on what you have received. In general, you will choose sobriety and classicism for your dress and your decoration. You will also make sure that order and respect reign.

AQUARIUS: Nothing annoys you more than to follow without flinching what the elders have established before you. You’ll be more in favor of originality if not eccentricity, and for that you’ll strive to be what is least expected of you. And besides, why not take advantage of this time to participate in a humanitarian action and thus advance the cause of the most underprivileged?

PISCES: Christmas is truly one of your favorite times of the year, when everything is shrouded in magic and enchantment. You love to imagine Santa Claus making his beautiful distribution of gifts. Ruled by Neptune, you may be tempted to overindulge in some drinks.

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