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Chinese New Year 2023: Time for reconciliation

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This year, the Chinese New Year will take place on Sunday January 22, 2023. This moment determined from the astronomical observatory of the purple mountain in NANKIN in China is a capital event for the Middle Kingdom and the Chinese diaspora in the world. It is also important in Japan and in other Asian countries that have experienced the Chinese influence. This passage to the new year gives rise to great family and public festivities such as the famous Dragon Dance. Big meals are organized, temples are visited, and family members, starting with the oldest, are visited. One exchanges vows, gifts, etc. This festival gives place to 7 days of vacations in China.

Why this date?

The traditional Chinese calendar is a soli-lunar calendar, that is to say based on both the cycles of the sun and the moon. Thus, the Chinese year always starts at the first new Moon following the winter solstice which is always on December 21st. So, this year, this new Moon will take place exactly on January 21 at 20:54 GMT, with the time difference, this brings us to January 22 at 4:54 in Beijing.

Change of sign…

In Chinese astrology, the new year is also the passage to a new sign. Indeed, contrary to our Western astrology where each month of the year is governed by a sign, Chinese astrology works according to a 12 year cycle, probably based on the Jupiter cycle according to some specialists. Thus each New Year is accompanied by a change of sign and the cycle is renewed every 12 years. Similarly, each year is governed by one of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology in the following order: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, each of them governing two years. Thus, on January 22, 2023, we will go from the Water Tiger to the Water Rabbit.

Let the year of the Water Rabbit come

After the Yang Tiger of 2022, although softened by its Water element, we will enter the Yin year of the Water Rabbit. Thus, during 2023, the traditionally feminine virtues such as gentleness, empathy, delicacy. This year, after the bellicose intentions of 2022, a greater place will be reserved for international diplomacy, in order to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and not war. Greater solidarity will be felt towards the needy and the most distressed. The Rabbit who, according to myth, discovered the elixir of immortality is very much linked to the medical field. We can therefore expect medical advances during 2023.

The most concerned signs

This year promises to be exceptional for the Rabbit natives, but also for the Goat natives who could realize beautiful financial transactions in 2023. For Pig natives, it is work that will be honored. It will probably be more delicate for the natives of the Horse who could go through a period of conflict with one of their children. As for the Rat natives, they could find themselves involved in a legal procedure concerning a property. Finally, Roosters may find this year somewhat flat and boring in terms of their social life.

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