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Celtic Astrology : Hazel tree

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The Hazel tree sign (from 5th August until 1st September)


The Celtic calendar attributes during each month of the year, a tree or plant whose essential features are in analogy with the atmosphere of the concerned time. People born under their influence, possess character traits in analogy with these plants, through their personality and their way of being.

The tree of wisdom

When it comes to the Celtics, hazel tree is considered to be the tree of wisdom and its presence in conjunction with apple tree and hawthorn, is the sign that one is certainly in a sacred place. Its wood was cut during the magical moment of the Summer solstice, on the 21st of June and used to make divinatory oghams, wizard or druid wands. This belief was preserved even after the Christianization of Europe as the first bishops wore crosses which were made from this tree. According to the Irish mythology, salmon of Wisdom which swam in the Boyne, acquired its sacred knowledge by eating nine hazelnuts which fell from the tree of Knowledge. Anyone who shall eat the skin of this Fish shall possess extraordinary knowledge.

Studious hazel trees

 Hazel tree natives have an extraordinary memory and turn them into outstanding students or even scholars. They are very organized and may be given all sorts of administrative tasks which they’ll manage well. They have a thirst for knowledge, they keep looking for the truth through science and spirituality and seek responses in terms of the origins and end of life but also our world. They are naturally charismatic and can be great teachers and professors. They are very creative and love writing or doing other artistic activities.

Hazeltree correspondences:

Western Sign: Leo-Virgo

Ogham: Coll (Wisdom, divination, inspiration, creativity)

Planets: Mercury

Stones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sapphire

Deities: Ogmios, Arianrhod, Manannan Mac Lir

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