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Catch the Sun’s rays in Leo!

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Sun will move through the sign of Leo from July 22 to August 23, 2022. Like every summer, it will spread its rays to allow everyone to have a good time, to make a place for themselves in the Sun, its energy however will make its differences according to the aspects and astrological transits of the current year. This summer 2022, its sextile to Jupiter will boost confidence, while its opposition with Saturn will encourage caution.

Want to enjoy life

Of course, there will be problems, the news around the world will not be very cheerful. But the will to do well and welcome the benefits and pleasures of life will take precedence over all other sadder considerations, allowing you to find your own space to focus on your personal well-being, with the Sun in Leo prioritizing yourself before others. The New Moon in Leo on July 26, 2022 will confirm your intentions to express your desires without worrying about those of others.

Its trine with Jupiter will bring about a newfound confidence to express oneself freely and will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Concerns to be addressed

Opposing Saturn, Sun could lose its brilliance and tell us to remain alert so that we do not blindly follow the principle of the cicada singing all summer long and end up in a pickle, when the constraints of autumn come along, daily. But it will also be a champion as it’ll favor better self-control through an activity offering the possibility to find its personal space to strengthen its mental and physical fitness, even if it requires efforts and to leave its comfort zone. However, absorbing the sun’s rays on the beach, will be a source of new energy and comfort. You might as well not deprive yourself of the benefits of the sun and nature!

Flamboyant love

There will be no half measures in matters of love life, with Venus diffusing its energies in the sign of Leo from August 11. The atmosphere will warm up your relationship, which will allow you to cultivate your self-esteem and the one of your partners, even if sometimes appearances will be deceiving, as intimacy will sometimes turn into a power struggle. But it doesn’t matter if the brand image is safe and sound. For singletons, you can hope to live loves through adventure and exoticism, and savor the benefits of summer.

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