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Can we predict the future with Astrology?

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Astrology has been put to use for centuries to help and guide the Kings and others important leaders in decision making. When in doubt or before a big choice or commitment, it was obvious to consult an astrologer. It still is. Astrology isn’t divination, it is a tool for a better understanding of people and situations. Using the birth chart of a person, a group or a country and the current transits, the astrologer can describe the general atmosphere and the main focus for the present and the future.

First step, the Birth chart

Without an accurate birth chart, the astrologer can’t work therefore the precise time of birth is crucial. The astrologer will analyze the birth chart, using symbolism and correspondences, he will be able to make a psychological portrait of the client. The Sun sign, the Moon position and the Ascendant will give plenty of clues as they speak about the energy and ways to express it, not to mention the emotional responses and how to connect to the others.

The position of the 10 Planets in the 12 Signs and in the 12 Houses will be analyzed to get a better and bigger picture. The gifts, strengths and the weaknesses will be obvious. The Aspects will point out the challenges and the lessons the client might come across, and what are the possibilities to overcome them. Even though, the position of the planets and the aspects they form are mathematical, their interpretation will need some intuition, psychic creativity and psychological skills.

Studying the Transits and Progressions

This part in astrology can be considered as divination as the transits and the progressions are a description of a future possible situation. Nevertheless, even though the planets make an impact on us, we still have a certain amount of free will. Obviously, Astrology is a good tool for understanding and growth as it makes us think. It can give us directions, guidance and hope. It can help as it gives a green, orange or red light so we can forge ahead, slow down or stop and wait for the next tide. It can point out the physical weaknesses and give us hints and suggestions for healing.

Synastry and Composite Charts are precious tools for understanding Relationships. Horary Astrology is divination as it gives a “yes” or “no” answer to a specific question. Unlike other divination practices, Astrology is based on Astronomy (the Ephemerides) and Geometry (aspects and transit calculations), it includes observation, symbolism and interpretation. It follows rules, methods but intuition plays an important role too!

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