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Your way of breaking up according to your astro sign

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Love stories usually end badly, and this information does not come from us, but from Rita Mitsouko ! When a love story doesn’t work anymore, when feelings tend to fade, you have to… break up! Our astrologer questioned the stars to give you some tips about the astro signs and their way to end a relationship.

Here’s what your astrological sign says about how you bid goodbye to your crush!

Aries: Direct. You don’t beat around the bush when it comes to ending a 3-day or 10-year romance! You don’t mince your words.

Taurus: Deserting. In love, you don’t face things. You start to run away, when it’s a bad situation. You don’t stay in a relationship which doesn’t suit you anymore, so you’ll have to think again.

Gemini: Let go. Because you dread the fateful moment of a breakup, you prefer to… run away! A believer of ghosting. You disappear overnight without any explanation after a period of reflection. Bye bye #copperfield!

Cancer: Scratch that. You’re not the bravest person of the zodiac when it comes to ending a relationship, so you’re holding out (big) sticks to your crush so that he or she can take the initiative for you!

Leo: Comedia dell’ arte. With you, a break-up is immediately transformed into a scene of boulevard theater. Even during a breakup, you give everything you have in your guts. You go all out, to try to make your crush feel guilty.

Virgo: With maturity. You tend to choose super elaborate words to justify your reason for breaking up. After a Freudian analysis, we can say that your crush is happy to leave!

Libra: No nonsense. You have a way of making people feel comfortable even when it comes to breaking up with your crush. It always goes better than you expected and even ends in hugs!

Scorpio: Determined. When it comes to breaking up, you get right to the point. There’s no turning back with you, and you’ll be direct right from the start!

Sagittarius: Straightforward. During a breakup, you come across as insensitive and detached? Is that far from the truth? When it’s over, it’s over. Next!

Capricorn: With calm. Honesty and nothing but honesty, but you are not the type to make long speeches.

Aquarius: Spontaneous. We can say that with you, we don’t see it coming (the breakup)! As soon as you don’t feel the connection anymore, you take off and nail your crush to the spot!

Pisces: Way too long. Impossible for you to handle a breakup. Between a crying fit and nostalgia. You tend to prolong an already embarrassing moment!

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