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Blue Moon of 22nd august

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On August 22, 2021, at 2:03 pm CET, a particular phenomenon known as Blue Moon shall occur. Two very distinct things hide behind this term.

A peculiar moon, a peculiar moment

Often, the 13th Full Moon of the year is called as the Blue Moon, as a year usually has only 12. But this expression also applies to the third full Moon of a season, which exceptionally includes four instead of three. This will be the case on August 22. From an astrological viewpoint, this phenomenon has a specific meaning. It draws our attention to a particular and important point in terms of a season, that will be just as important for the year 2021.

Carpe Diem, against all odds

This Blue Moon, a Full Moon, shall occur at the 29th degree of Aquarius in conjunction with Jupiter. On the other hand, Sun will be in its own sign, Leo. In this position, the Sun will tend to encourage us to assert our individuality, our own self. Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet of excess, of immoderation. It will encourage us to free ourselves in Aquarius, from all hindrances in order to live properly as we please. This shall be seen in various ways: by trying out new experiences in love or by breaking the rules even legal laws for some, thus playing a dangerous game. There will be a spirit of rebellion everywhere. This influence will especially affect Aquarians, who are already rebellious by nature, but their non-conformism shall intensify. Leos will have a hard time maintaining their romantic commitments, they’ll be very tempted to get a taste of the forbidden fruit. Taurus and Scorpio will have a sudden desire to take off and leave a job or professional environment, that they feel is too alienating.

A wind of freedom…and lack of discipline

From a global perspective, this Blue Moon could trigger a surge of rebellion from people. Governments may have a tough time holding back and curbing strong aspirations for freedom and a society, which is less subject to controls and restrictions. In France, this will be particularly compelling among the youngsters, who will seek to live their lives to the fullest, despite intensified health regulations. Citizen protest groups could also oppose government instructions.

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