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Big change in karmic astrology: Lunar Nodes enter the Taurus-Scorpio axis

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What are the lunar nodes?

The lunar nodes are not real, observable objects, but virtual points. They correspond to the two points of intersection of the apparent orbits of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. When these two stars enter in conjunction or in opposition on these points occur the eclipses. These points, known from ancient times, were also called the head and tail of the Dragon. As they progress in the zodiac by retrograde, it would seem that their importance is very great in karmic astrology. They are a sort of link between the past represented by the Moon, the present represented by the Earth, and the future represented by the Sun. In individual karmic astrology, the South Node shows what we have experienced and learned from our past lives and the North Node shows what we need to do with it in this and future lives. It is an axis of evolution. In collective or world astrology, the nodes show what needs to be transformed in our societies for humanity to evolve.

South Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus

The North Node entered Taurus in January 2022 and will remain there until July 18, 2023. It is progressively detaching from its conjunction to Uranus, its opposite point, the South Node is logically in Scorpio. What does this tell us? First of all, the South Node in Scorpio shows us what needs to be transformed in our societies: this sign is a sign of destruction, linked to the excretion function. It is fundamental that humanity stops destroying its environment and polluting the planet. It is a question of survival and this transit of the South Node will make us understand this through climatic catastrophes. Scorpio is a Martian sign, linked to war, but also to organized crime, to secret organizations that too often govern our societies behind the scenes. All of this must and will be brought to light more and more during the transit of the nodes so that in-depth reforms can be carried out. The North Node in Taurus indicates where we need to go: a society governed by other criteria than finances (Uranus in Taurus), a return to the human being, to certain more humanistic traditional values, and above all a return to Nature, for a greater respect of our Earth. This is the main challenge for this year, after which a boost will be given when the North Node enters Aries in July 2023. It will not be time for discussion, but for action.

Let’s see now the influence of the lunar nodes by pair of opposite signs

It will be essential to make concrete choices, to eliminate what is superfluous, what is weighing down your budget, to ensure a certain financial sustainability, to build the future on solid foundations. For Aries more specifically, it is important to learn to sublimate your emotional or sexual impulses to keep a cool head.

TAURUS- SCORPION: You are without a doubt the sign pair most affected by this transit and it is in the marital or associative realm that this transit of the nodes will manifest itself the most. Taureans will have to learn not to make the same mistakes as in the past, especially on the sentimental level, in order to rebuild their lives. It is essential to know how to forgive. Scorpios will particularly have to work on their passionate nature which it is essential to domesticate in order to envisage a peaceful relationship.

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS: This transit is there to teach you to put some order in your thoughts and consequently your life. Learn to concentrate and organize yourself better by accepting the sometimes necessary constraints of social life, in order to gain in efficiency.

CANCER-CAPRICORN: For Cancers, it may be necessary to make some difficult changes in your emotional or family life so that you can finally give life to the professional projects that are close to your heart. It could be an old love affair that is weighing you down and keeping you from moving forward, or it could be that you need to make changes in your home life to let your children fly a little more freely, freeing up time for other things. Capricorns will undoubtedly have to reconsider their professional ambitions, leaving more room in their lives for family life. The arrival of a child could be a vector for this.

LION-VERSEAU: For this duo of signs, it is the professional sphere that will mainly be highlighted. For the former, a change of residence, sometimes a separation will be the catalyst that will allow them to transform their life and finally be able to devote themselves to ambitions that have been delayed for too long. For the latter it will certainly be the opposite, it will be necessary to dare to leave a job, a function to finally offer yourself the life you dream of, in a healthier environment and close to nature.

VIERGE-POISSONS: For you, the Lunar Nodes will act in the sense that they will upset your vision of the world. Virgos may find that certain neuroses or anxieties resurface and need to be dealt with and evacuated, especially through psychological analysis or astrology, in order to regain peace of mind and not be hindered by old, outdated patterns. Pisceans, on the other hand, will probably have to go through some emotional or even mystical crisis in order to keep their feet on the ground, to anchor themselves more in the objective reality.

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