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Autumn equinox: the sky deciphered

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Lune arbre

This autumn, the sky is full of surprises. September 23 marks the Sun’s entry into Libra, symbolizing the equinox when day equals night. But what do the stars have in store for us this season? Between the quest for harmony, ardent passions and collective challenges, dive into a detailed astrological analysis of autumn 2023. From the emotional tsunamis of October to the calming of December, discover how the astral configurations will influence our individual and collective lives.

Autumn will begin on September 23, 2023 at 8:51 a.m. Paris time. This event corresponds to the moment when the Sun enters Libra. It’s also one of the two times of the year when days equal nights, literally the meaning of the Latin word equinox. After this date, night begins to prevail over day. By charting the sky at this astronomical moment, we can get an idea of what we might experience during this season.

Striking the right balance

First of all, we can see that the ascendant in this equinox theme is in Libra, squaring the midheaven in Cancer. On an individual level, this could indicate that during this autumn, we’ll be in constant search of harmony and balance, but this won’t be easy, especially with professional pressures and the need to reconcile work and family life. On the other hand, Mars in the 1st house is in sextile to Venus in Leo, itself in square to Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house. As a result, we could find ourselves living our loves and pleasures very intensely, sometimes too excessively, which could lead to marital problems for some. This will be particularly true for Libra, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. On the other hand, the Midheaven is in sextile to Jupiter and Uranus, as well as to Mercury in Virgo in the 11th house, which will bring a little temperance and, above all, enable us to analyze our ambitions and projects objectively. Cancers, Virgos and Taureans will be mainly concerned by this scenario.

Difficult reconciliation

On a collective level, these astral configurations could indicate that during this autumn season, the government’s attempts to maintain a certain social peace will be fragile and rather negatively received by the popular masses. A powerful, almost irresistible call to enjoy life and leisure will be felt just about everywhere, while the State will be calling for restraint and caution, notably because of the pandemic risk.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of autumn 2023:

Emotional tsunamis

October will undoubtedly be the most eventful of all months. It will begin with Mercury’s opposition to Neptune on the 2nd, which will tend to plunge us into mental confusion and let the irrational take precedence over our reason. This will be followed by several squares to Pluto from stars in Libra (Mars on the 9th, Mercury and Sun on the 21st). We can expect emotional tsunamis, which won’t always be easy to handle, especially as Venus in Virgo will oppose Saturn in Pisces (October 10), giving us the feeling of being misunderstood or unloved, which will fuel sadness and bitterness. The signs of Libra, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces will undoubtedly be the most affected. To counterbalance these unpleasant effects, three trines to Saturn will be formed on the 13th by Mars, on the 22nd by Mercury and on the 24th by the Sun, all three in Scorpio, a sign of transformation, especially emotional transformation. So we’ll be working to be discerning about others, about love, about our human relationships. The two eclipses, Solar and Annular in Libra on October 14, and the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 28th, will be important markers for readjustments and questioning. Finally, at the very end of the month, on October 28 and 29, Mars and Mercury will oppose Jupiter in Taurus, which could lead to unusual behavior and irritability.

A new wave of epidemics and discord

From a world astrology point of view, it’s worth noting that on October 2, Mercury will be in Virgo in the 12th house (diseases) when it opposes Neptune in the 6th house (also health), raising fears of a return of the epidemic. Between the 9th and 21st, the successive squares of Mars, Mercury and the Sun in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn, as well as the eclipse of the 14th, could be a source of discord between the State and the population, notably due to the drop in purchasing power, but also in disagreement with France’s foreign policy. Legal proceedings against a conservative party could also become a major issue. Fortunately, the three trigons of Mars, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio to Saturn in Pisces will foster a certain resilience in the face of adversity and economic difficulties. At the end of the month, will they be enough to counter the oppositions of Mars and Mercury to Jupiter, which could push inflation up again?

Between spending frenzy and detachment

The month of November will be marked by the opposition of Mercury on the 4th, Mars on the 11th, and the Sun on the 13th, to Uranus in Taurus. We need to be careful that, under these influences, we don’t spend far more than our budget allows. It’s normal to indulge ourselves, but within reason. Scorpios, Taureans and Leos will undoubtedly be most affected by the above. On the 17th, the Sun and Mars will enter into a trine to Saturn, helping us to change our outlook and favor human warmth and fraternity over materialism. However, make sure that Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune on the 27th doesn’t take us too far away from concrete, tangible realities. Also watch out for the square of Mars to Saturn on the 25th, which could be a source of marital conflict following temptations or infidelities, especially for Sagittarians, Pisceans and Geminis.

New social tensions

In world astrology, the oppositions of Mars, Mercury and the Sun to Uranus between the 4th and 13th could rekindle social tensions, particularly among young people, as a result of the economic difficulties the population is experiencing. The trine to Neptune from Mars and the Sun on the 17th will bring a wind of hope and solidarity in the face of the crisis.

Towards appeasement and a return to optimism

Finally, December will be a much calmer month, with Venus trine Saturn on December 5, encouraging us to be more flexible and conciliatory in our human relationships. Mercury’s two trigons to Jupiter (on December 10 and 18) will make us much more optimistic and confident in our material destiny.

In terms of world astrology, Venus’ trine to Saturn will bring about a real social appeasement and improved dialogue between government and the governed. Mercury’s two trines to Jupiter could coincide with a relative revival of world trade and the economy.

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