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Astrological dates for February 2022

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February 1: The New Moon in Aquarius joined with Saturn and squared with Uranus will invite us to reflect throughout the lunation on the meaning of your existence and your place in the universe. We will question the most established truths.

On 04/02/2022: Mercury becomes direct again, interpersonal communication will become smoother, more open. Mars in sextile to Jupiter will serve our ideals, our dreams. We will no longer be satisfied with simply dreaming of a better life, but we will invest the energy necessary to make it happen. The Sun in conjunction with Saturn will help us focus and channel our will in a precise direction.

On 08/02/2022: Mars in trine to Uranus will give us the strength and desire to innovate and take measured risks whether in the professional, financial, or even sentimental fields. We will dare to leave our comfort zone to try new things.

11/02/22: Today Mercury enters in conjunction with the sulphurous planet Pluto. On the agenda, introspection, and deep questioning of our vision of reality, but also of our life choices. This conjunction could also bring intense verbal confrontations, especially within our work.

On 02/14/22: Mercury enters Aquarius and will favor the emergence of new ideas, both social and scientific. Under its influence we will be more tolerant of other people’s opinions and orientations and more attracted to modernity.

On 02/16/22: Full Moon in Leo, artists, creators, but also entrepreneurs and other leaders of men will be particularly favored this day. In terms of love life, the Full Moon will tend to exacerbate the passion of love and great feelings. This will be further amplified by the Mars-Venus conjunction in Capricorn on this day. The less expressive hearts that seem to be in total control will melt like snow in the sun.

02/18/22: Today it will be Jupiter’s turn to enter in sextile to Uranus. This astral configuration will put spirituality, but also the feeling of compassion at the center of our lives and will make us reconsider and put in perspective, the place that money and materialism usually occupy. On the same day, Sun will enter Pisces and participate in this same mystical flight.

02/23/22: Mars will form its second sextile of the month with Neptune in Pisces on this day and will help us to dispel illusions wherever they may be and thus work in complete objectivity. Mars will also help us to make the right decisions, those that are necessary but difficult. It will be an excellent day to free yourself from any addiction.

02/24/22: Venus, in turn, will be in sextile to Neptune today and promises us particularly romantic hours. Music, beauty and poetry will bring a little more enchantment to our daily lives.

02/25/22: Beware today of the square of Mercury in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. Indeed, this planetary aspect will make us rather nervous and impatient. We will want everything, right away, and the world around us, the people we meet, will seem slow to relax. Others, on the contrary, especially the natives of signs such as Taurus, Leo or Scorpio will feel as if they are under attack in a world that turns too fast and pushed into their limits.

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