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Astro-taff: Why do people love you and hate you at work according to your star sign?

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Over the course of a lifetime, we spend hundreds of thousands of hours at work. That kind of figure is pretty scary, which is why our astrologer has put together a mini guide to help you get to grips with your (reluctant) colleagues at work.

Find out how you’re perceived at work according to your star sign

Aries – Your team spirit VS your bad faith. You motivate the troops, there’s no fatigue with you, but then you mustn’t face up to your mistakes.

Taurus – Pedagogue VS your lack of finesse. You’re so chill, you could spend hours explaining how the photocopier works, but you’re not very diplomatic!

Gemini – Your glibness VS your fickleness. You could sell a hearing aid to a deaf person, but we can’t count on you too much, you’re the ace in the hole!

Cancer – Your empathy VS your sensitivity. You’ve got all the makings of an HR person, but if someone asks you about Aunt Ginette’s ultra cheum sweater in front of the coffee machine, you spiral out of control.

Leo – Your positivity VS your egocentricity. You always see the glass as half full, even when your business is ready to go bankrupt, but you always take the heat for yourself.

Virgo – Your perfectionism VS your self-righteousness. First in, last out #fayot, but you cut everyone with their backs turned!

Libra – Your diplomacy VS naivety. You’re sent to the coalface to resolve clashes between colleagues, but you’re always taken for a ham when schedules change.

Scorpio – Your passion VS your grudge. You give your all to every project, even the most ground-shattering… But the old punchlines from 2010 sent by Michel du service compta are still stuck in your throat!

Sagittarius – Your good humor and irresponsibility. You’ve always got a good laugh when one of your colleagues hits a brick wall, but you’re also a hothead.

Capricorn – Bosseur VS your coldness. There’s no one more ambitious and materialistic than you, but when it comes to human relations, you’ve still got your work cut out. Practice your zygomatic muscles!

Aquarius – Visionary VS your individualism. You’re the misunderstood genius, you’ve got great turf ideas, but putting them into practice collectively isn’t your thing. You’re often criticized for going it alone!

Pisces – Your creativity VS your mysterious side! You’re brimming with imagination, you’re capable of making a smartphone holder out of paper clips, but it’s hard to connect and exchange with you #dansmabulle.

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