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Astro-music: What is THE sound that most characterizes you according to your star sign?

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Music is life, so whoever says otherwise, throw the first stone! Our astrologer has put together a mini #cousuemain playlist for you to play over and over again, or… not! If you don’t know the sounds yet, go to your favorite streaming app, put on your headphones and press play!

Discover the sounds that most characterize you according to your star sign 

Aries – Unstoppable and indomitable. You need sounds that make you want to get motivated: « Non stop » Drake, « Never sleep » Lil Baby, Travis Scott!

Taurus – Epicurean and kiff king. You need to groove and shake your booty. « Moonlight » Kali Uchis, « move on up » Curtis Mayfield.

Gemini – Eclectic. In your playlist we can find all types of sound. From R&B to heavy metal to French variety. « I wanna dance with somebody » Whitney Houston/Neverita Bad Bunny.

Cancer – For el romantico of the zodiac, you like to kiffer on full love playlists. « Just two of us » by Bill Withers, « Kiss » Eddy de pretto/Iseult.

Lion – Positive and sunny. You need a tracklist that packs a punch! Rich flex Drake – About damn Time lizzo.

Virgo – The nerd of the zodiac. You need to put words to your problems. It’s French variety or nothing: « La javanaise » by Serge Gainsbourg/ »osez joséphine » Alain Bashung.

Libra – Carefree and chill. A no-holds-barred traklist where you can unleash your energies « cold heart » Elton John Dua lipa/ »Despecha » Rosalia.

Scorpio – Passionate and mysterious. You need sounds that grab you by the gut and reveal your inner sensuality. « Snooze » SZA/Bob Dylan « Knockin » On Heaven’s door.

Sagittarius – Adventurous and optimistic. You need to travel with sound in your airpods, it gives you a smile h24. Viva la vida « coldplay »/ »first class » Jack Harlow.

Capricorne – Chauvin. This is a 100% French playlist or nothing. You need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the sound. « Dimanche soir » grand corps malade / « Clandestina » Emma Peters.

Aquarius – Original and atypical. You’re into alternative music. « Seven nation army » The White Stripes / « Creep » Radiohead.

Pisces -Sensitive and dreamy. You need to feel your emotions through your playlist. « Die for you » The Weekend / « Leave the door open » Bruno Mars anderson paak.


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