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Astro date: The date of your dreams according to your astrological sign

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Because we don’t mess around with love, the success of a first date is THE moment not to be missed! After hours, days or even weeks of chatting, stalking your crush on the networks, you have to take action and we at Horoscope.fr admit that it can be destabilizing! And because we are nice at Horoscope.fr, our astro love coach gives you some tips to avoid disaster on your first date. So what is the perfect date according to your astrological sign? Take notes, it’s on the house!

Aries: Feelings! You need a date that’s heavy on the action. You want to break the codes, you want your crush to challenge you. If we stimulate your sense of competition, it’s in the bag.

Taurus: The lover of good food! With you: it’s luxury, calm and pleasure. You vibrate for intimate tête-à-tête. You’re a sucker for gustatory escapades. If your crush organizes a date at one of Alain Ducasse’s prestigious tables, bingo!

Gemini: It’s all about the gray matter. You’re as sociable as they come. Communication? The B-A-S-E! So for a date to be successful, you need to avoid awkward moments and fill in the blanks.

Cancer: The romantic hedonist. A simple, no-fuss date. If more and more, you’ll be looking for tactile moments. If your crush serenades you on your first date, that’s what makes you tick.

Leo: All that glitters. A date in the spotlight. With you, it’s all about making a splash! For a first date to be successful, you need to sell yourself a dream. If your crush makes you live a real American show, it’s won!

Blank: With class. You have to check off some boxes for your date to be validated. In order to get a second date with you, your crush has to respect the rules of hygiene, so if the date is validated, you break the rules of distancing. So, let’s hear it.

Libra: Blue flower. You expect the first date to be unique, magical. As a true aesthete, you pay attention to the smallest details. The cosy atmosphere is what counts!

Scorpio: Mystery and sensuality. You want to be the center of attention for your crush. With just one look, you have the gift of raising the tension a notch. For a date to be successful, you have to go very slowly.

Sagittarius: To adventure. Epicurean at heart, you need something new and exotic! In short, a beautiful escape with your crush that you will remember for a long time.

Capricorn : Ambitious. For a successful first date, we banish romanticism. It is with subtlety that your crush must succeed in piercing your shell. It is necessary to combine intimacy and sincerity.

Aquarius: Off the beaten path. A date in a lively place where you can express yourself freely. Your crush must rely on spontaneity or else thank you, next!

Pisces: Sensitive. You need to impress yourself by playing the creativity card. For a successful date, originality must be the keystone of the first date.

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