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Astro crush: the portrait of your soul mate according to your astrological sign

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As our dear Paul used to say, « there is no such thing as chance, there are only appointments ». The quest for true love is not an easy task. The one who has never gone in search of his or her soul mate, casts the first stone! And because it is not at every street corner, that we see it. So, here, at the horoscope.fr editorial staff, we thought of you! A little providential astral help in order to spot her at a glance won’t do you any harm. Our astro love coach has studied the subject and has drawn up an exclusive portrait of your soul mate according to your astrological sign. So, no more excuses or myths at the next big family reunion!

Aries: Enterprising! The deep look. Between you, the first eye-contact must be caliente. The long look, the chill and relax appearance. The ideal partner: the Aquarius.

Taurus: Caring. You need to be cared for, we can’t say it enough. Being taken care of and pampered is THE priority! So, it’s a very strong match with Virgo.

Gemini: Multi-faceted. Elegance comes first. You’ll be able to recognize her by her slightly atypical look and her devastating smile. If she stands out from the crowd, bingo! The crush of your life: Libra.

Cancer: Authentic. A sexy gesture, a mysterious look. Recognizable by his singular and sensual voice. Between you, it matches at the first vocalization. With the Scorpio, it’s for life.

Leo : Passionate. Athletic figure, developed muscles. On the physical level, it fits directly. Youthful appearance, solar aura, it’s thanks to these clues that you’ll be able to flush her out. With Aries, F-O-N-C-E !

Virgo: Down to earth. Emotional stability and security, above all. Distinguished silhouette, sustained language. Charismatic good looks. You’re a perfect match for a Taurus.

Libra: Original. Funny, seductive with a body language is hyper developed, between you: it is sensory. It is the romance assured with Gemini.

Scorpio: Empathetic. Touching and childish, a little ball full of sweetness. His mischievous look bewitches you at first sight. The planets validate with Cancer

Sagittarius : Charismatic. Sexy and refined look. You will recognize him by his mischievous dimples. His fiery eyes will make you melt. Impossible to miss the irresistible charm of the Leo.

Capricorn: Sophisticated. Loyal and attentive, with an elegant silhouette. You notice it directly its delicate and mastered gestures. It crushes strongly with the Virgo.

Aquarius: Casual. It is thanks to her joy of living that she will stand out. Her laughing eyes will send you straight to another galaxy. With Sagittarius, it’s a given.

Pisces: Inspiring. Natural and dreamy, you won’t notice her at first glance. Her sweetness and delicacy will make you melt. With Cancer, you attract each other like magnets.

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