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Astro compatibility: with which sign do you form THE goal couple?

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Love is not an exact science… That’s why our astro love coach has decided to give you a helping hand in your search for your soul mate. In this article, we’re going to tell you with which sign it’s a very strong match. So, pay attention!

Aries : The mister T of the zodiac ! With you, love rhymes with big thrills. With your crush you don’t hesitate to take the lead. You are a perfect match for the Libra. It is with her that you will find the perfect balance.

Taurus: The pragmatist. With you, it’s « chi va piano va sano e va lontano », in short, for the non-Italian, for you love is not a sprint, but rather a long distance race. Trust above all and it is with Virgo that it fits the most.

Gemini: The Don Juan. You like to defy love and routine. Very little for you! It is with Sagittarius that you fight boredom. Together, you remake the world and become true children again.

Cancer: The protector. In love, what you love is emotional security AND safety, we can never say it enough. No more lies and treachery, with Scorpio it’s a match, you’re on the same vibe.

Leo: The Thomas Shelby of Peaky Blinders. Charismatic as can be, you need your equal by your side. You know how to keep the flame alive like no one else, and it’s with the Aquarius that you live the dolce vita.

Virgo: The Iron Lady. You leave no room for fantasy, with you love is serious! No question of playing with your feelings and Capricorn understands this very well. Between you, it’s solid.

Libra: The blue flower. Softness and benevolence, for you love means romance. And if there is one person with whom you do not skimp on the means, it is with the Aquarius. It’s instinctive!

Scorpio: The magnetic one. In love, you need intensity. You are the perfect incarnation of sensuality. With you it’s « who loves me, follows me ». And it’s Leo, who is ready to follow you to the ends of the earth.

Sagittarius: Indiana Jones of love. In life as in love, you like to go on adventures and live intense moments with your other half. And if there’s one person who can anchor you in the moment, it’s Libra!

Capricorn: The warm one. You can’t be trusted with your shell. When it comes to love, you don’t do things by halves. You don’t mess around with commitment and responsibility. You’re the strong shoulder for Virgo to lean on.

Aquarius: The singular. You manage to combine love with your principles and values. In love with love version 2.0, the only person who can follow you in all your crazy moments is Gemini. Between you, it’s all fire, all flame.

Pisces: The enigmatic one. As romantic as Jack Dawson in the Titanic, you’re a heavy hitter when it comes to shouting your love loud and clear. With Taurus, it’s life and death. It’s intuitive between you!

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