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Asteroids are celestial bodies, most of them are located between Mars and Jupiter. The Ephemerides provide their precise position. It is better to consider tight orbs when working with them. There are many of them so let’s have a closer look at the most essential ones.


Amor takes two years to orbit the Sun, spending around 2 months in each sign. Amor is the God of erotic love and beauty. The latter gives clues to find a ‘soul mate’. It gives information about attitude and expectations in matters of romance. Aspects to Amor indicate topics of abandonment and dedication. Conjunctions to Amor indicate that love connections are fated. Oppositions to Amor show attraction for people who are intense.


Eros takes about a year to orbit the Sun, spending a month in each sign. Eros is what ‘turns us on’, an emotional force that increases sexual drives. Eros symbolizes our passions, our sexual preferences. It shows our longings and desires. When Eros is joined with the Ascendant, Venus or Mars, this means a natural ability to charm anyone.


Ceres is the goddess of harvest. She represents fertility. Ceres represents the need to protect and to be taken care of. It is the nurturing principle. The sign in which Ceres is positioned, shows the kind of needs and how mothering can be expressed. Ceres rules food and nutrition and eating disorders. Ceres is associated to fertility and pregnancy issues.


Vesta is one of the most beautiful deities. Vesta owns the keys of the city and she has the responsibility to keep the light alive. Vesta is pure and honest, she can dedicate herself for a cause and even sacrifice for the benefit of others. Her sign and house position will tell where she is most efficient.


Juno is the goddess of marriage and she rules woman’s activities. Women rights are her specialty, diplomacy is her talent. Juno is the commitment and the latter’s position in the Natal chart is significant. Juno is connected to the 7th House, it shows how the partnerships are experienced. Importance of the associative life.


Pallas indicates the perceptions, the visions and the gifts. Pallas is a survivor, a warrior but as she is linked to Libra, she seeks justice and harmony. Women influenced by Pallas are usually combative and reluctant to compromise. Pallas is artistic and creative; its position points out talents in a natal chart.


Chiron represents suffering but also the capacity to heal ourselves. Chiron was famous for his healing talents including medicinal plants. Chiron teaches wisdom, patience and perseverance. Chiron is also important in Synastry as people are often together to heal a similar wound.

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