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An Exciting Full Moon in Gemini

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It’s time to open your heart and talk!

The Full Moon on 12/03/2017 is a time of culmination and achievement. People might be more excitable on that day but more active as well, if they have specific aspirations and goals to achieve.
With the Full Moon in Gemini, you can expect a lot of communication today, a lot of meetings and talks. Phone calls and emails will keep you busy even on a Sunday.
You will be very talkative with friends and the atmosphere around you will be light and cheerful. You might join some of them for lunch, and you’re guaranteed to have a good laugh if that is the case.
The festive atmosphere will make people more relaxed and the day, even though interesting and full of surprises, could end up being unproductive.
But there’s nothing wrong with that, you deserve to take it easy, especially at the end of this hectic year so there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed. Enjoy your day and make the most of it!

What about a brunch out with your sweetheart?

You need to take initiatives with your partner, especially if you tend to feel misunderstood. Grab the opportunity to say how you really feel and what you expect from the relationship.
It’s important to know where you are and where you are heading to, especially if you have worked too much and your couple has been left in the background for a while.
It’s the perfect timing for cuddles (and more…) but it takes two to tango. You will have the opportunity to express your needs more easily, so don’t hesitate to open up. You will feel proud of yourself for making the first move, and your partner will be grateful for your courage and your assertiveness.
Your sweetheart will feel important and will find it easier to open up even if they were resentful and angry because of your work commitments.
Spending the afternoon attending a concert or visiting an art gallery could make those of you who are still single very happy. You could make new friends there and have fun with them.

You will have a better understanding of your situation if you know in which House the Full Moon takes place.
It will tell you in which area of your life you will feel its effects, which means you will have a better grasp of the overwhelming feelings that could appear on this day.

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