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A pleasant program of the Full Moon on September 10

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On September 10, 2022, at 11:59 am, CET, the Full Moon will be at 17°41 in Pisces. Under its sextile with Uranus, it will be time for a healthy ‘cleaning up’ and start again on a clean foundation, and well surrounded. Its conjunction to Neptune will express a certain disarray under a background of hope, whatever it may be.

A desire to soothe

This Full Moon in Pisces will offer a healing space, relieving ailments of the body, heart, and mind. Venus in Virgo will confirm this need to take care of ourselves, our lives, our loved ones, our goals. Under this lunar influence, it will also be a time to make peace and heal wounds. Its sextile to Uranus will suggest forgetting about grudges, buried anger, heavy secrets to carry, to unload the inert weight of problems and get out of the dead end, to feel lighter and to move forward serenely. In this sky, no planet is in a fire sign, while six planets are in the retrograde mode. This is an invitation to meditate and reflect, before embarking on a project. As the Sun opposite Neptune has an element of blindness or denial, it will be advised not to give in to your first impression and be more wary of the effects of news.

A thorn in the shoe

Underneath this apparently trouble-free sky, except perhaps for a slight tendency to bury one’s head in the sand, but this will not really be new, there will be more complex problems, impacting the daily life of everyone. The Mars/Pluto sesqui-square will stir up anger, restrictions, and fears. Power struggles could darken a sky that was meant to be soothing, despite the good will to be diplomatic and avoid clashes, not to mention, irrevocable decisions. Mercury and Jupiter, both in full retrograde phase and in opposition, will suggest agreements, but you should not hide from the fact that it will take forever. On a personal level, being up to date with your financial obligations will avoid setbacks. Before signing a contract, it will be wise to examine things.

Maintain hope

The general climate will probably not favor euphoria, but everyone will have the power to set out and move towards their personal happiness. There is nothing selfish about smiling at life, at yourself and at others with a wink of sympathy, benevolence, and connivance. Venus in Virgo will be wary of any excesses and misguidedness and will act as a guard against generosity and misplaced confidence. In return, she will suggest not to fool oneself about the coming harvests, as they are subject to strong fluctuations. On the other hand, it will favor bringing concrete hopes for the future.

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